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 May Rowe Productions Update

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PostSubject: May Rowe Productions Update   Sat May 01, 2010 7:42 pm

MAY 2010

May I start this month's Update with some very special Thank Yous! Please read this as it is important to my survival and The Survival of Real Christianity! Surviving all these years following Double caner has been a True Miracle. Not just surviving physically but in Music Missions. Not possible without the following people: Jesus my Lord and Savior. My Wife Kate who works full time and pays all the household bills! Always my Life's Love and Best Friend! My fantastic son Leighton.

Adam Soundmass. Without you Adam I would be Musically dead! Markus, Michael and The Team at Nuclear Blast Records. Truly amazing people, friends and supporters! Bill Roxx. Your work with Rowe Productions and on the new Podcast is a Huge Blessing. Doug HM. Without you there would be no Christian Hard Music Scene.

Mick Jelinic and Family. Such tremendous friends and supporters! Linc Bowen and family and Andrew Esnouf. You guys Rock! To all my financial supporters. I won't name you, but you know who you are. Without You I would be not only Musically dead but also Physically! To keep this Mission going in a world full of Art Thieves is impossible without your support. Add to that my growing Medical and health costs and I am Truly Grateful for all of your support. Finally, to Vic Campbell our new Manager and Record label. What an honour to be working with a man of your calibre in this Christian Music "business"! Yes, I hate the word business, but that is what it is sometimes and you Vic are the best!

Now, here comes this month's news! Please note that from now on the prices in the Soundmass.com store for Mortification "Twenty Years In The Underground" and "Break The Curse 1990: 2010" are Very competitive. The original prices have been lowered to compete with Bootleggers and help you guys buy The Real Thing! Please do not steal or Bootleg Music. If you do, you are Art Murderers. The prices are in line with other stores who are also fighting The eBay Bootleg War. Sad But True!

In great news this month I am very pleased to announce that I have signed a fantastic management and release agreement with Vic Cambbell and his label Silver Bullet Records. Vic is a pro of 30 years experience in The Christian Music Industry. Vic lives here in Melbourne but has lived in Nashville working with Rebecca St James' Manager. Vic is the cream of the crop of the most well connected Australian in Christian Music both in Australia and The US. Vic will be releasing The Debut Wonrowe Vision Album "Mission Invincible", with Bonus Free DVD, on September 1st! The Wonrowe Vision Album and DVD are finished in Mix and Editing! Art Layout for The release is now in progress.

The Official Worldwide Online Retail and Wholesale orders will be covered my Soundmass. Wonrowe Vision "Mission Invincible" will also be available for Pay Download via iTunes, etc. August 1st! So you can buy it then or listen to samples before making a Hard Copy Pre-Order from Soundmass.com. This gives you ZERO EXCUSE TO STEAL IT FROM THE NET!!
Vic will initally be working with Wonrowe Vision, and then also with Mortification next year, in Booking shows here in Australia and also working to get this Jesus Metal Rock back into The US and Australian Christian Bookstores! It is about time The CBA Market started stocking upfront Jesus Music at a higher % rate again.

The fact that Christian Bookstores here in Australia stock The Koran just goes to show what lengths they will go to for the Almighty $! So it's not surprising about some of the flake bake music they stock! Who knows - I guess soon they will have to sell the satanic bible because satanism is a "World Religion"! HELLO! WAKE UP PEOPLE! Your Christian Rights are being undermined! Speak up and help Stop This Madness! These CBA Stores are also stoking A lot of purely Motivational material. Being Positive and Motivated ain't gonna get you into Heaven! I am Positive and Motivated all by myself, but without Jesus I am Spiritually dead!

Silver Bullet Records is a great Label for Wonrowe Vision because they release Alternative Christian Blues, Country, Celtic and Blue Grass and now also some Street Level Heavy Rock. Vic Campbell is a Real Christian and a Realistic Person! Think Glenn Kaiser, John Smith/God's Squad and Pastor Bob Beeman and you get my drift about Vic being Real. Adam Soundmass is also this calibre of man, as is Bill Roxx! With these type of men working with Mortification and Wonrowe Vision we have a Real Future in doing This Jesus Metal Rock Mission Properly and with maximum impact and exposure!

Just on a side note - I will be doing my first phone interview with Bill Roxx today (May 1st) for the Premiere ROXX - ROWE - MASS Podcast. Mick Jelinic and I Recorded the Intro song for The Podcast in just 3 hours at Mick's house 2 weeks ago! HaHa! It was a load of fun to put together! Info on The Podcast and where to find it Online will be announced right here on June 1st!

I have been swamped with fan emails for the past 3 months and again I apologise for not responding to all of them. Please know that All your mail is read by myself personally and I Thank You for all of your encouraging words and Testimonies. As I stated before, my medical bills are endless, but all things considered I am in good health.

You will have noticed on my Mortification2010 YouTube Channel that all my new videos have an Ad for Fender Guitars and USANA Health Products. Fender will now be supporting Wonrowe Vision and Mortification with Fender products and I will have information next month about how USANA can help you and how you can help me by purchasing USANA for your own health. I believe that without USANA Health Products I would be gone. Because of my massive health expenses, I tried going off USANA 2 years ago and after 4 days I lost half the use of my left arm! In the past 2 years I have increasingly suffered Muscle, Bone and Ligament pain. 3 days ago the Ligament pain was so bad I could barely walk. 2 days ago I started another USANA Product called Procosamine II. Today I have Zero Ligament pain! USANA is the Real Deal - always remember: prevention is better than cure! We should all be on Vitamin supplements and, as a health nut, I know this Product is absolutely The Best. Next month I will let you know exactly how to order and what to order and, in doing so, you will not only reap the benefits for yourself but help me keep paying for mine!

If health is not your thing you can support my health battle and Jesus Metal Rock Battle by donating to Rowe Productions via PayPal - info@roweproductions.com

I want to be alive and well to continue presenting True Jesus Metal and Jesus Street Rock for the next 20 years! With your help This Mission Will Survive! People Will Be Saved Into The Kingdom and Christian Music Will Continue to be presented to non-Christians and once again to Christians in The CBA Market. Keep praying for and supporting The True Christian Music Underground that supports you!

Steve Rowe.
APRIL 2010
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May Rowe Productions Update
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