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 Roxx Productions May 2010 Update

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PostSubject: Roxx Productions May 2010 Update   Thu May 06, 2010 11:06 pm

Roxx Productions May 2010 Update

Lot’s going on this summer at Roxx headquarters so we will try and keep it brief and direct you to more info if it interests you. Here we go…

Up From The Ashes III ‘A 25th Anniversary celebration to HM Magazine’

That’s right, just announced this August 28th and 29th at the Vault in Temecula California a 2 day metal festival featuring many of the artists that have and still do grace the pages of Heaven’s Metal Magazine. Featuring a special 25th Anniversary performance from Deliverance, and special anniversary celebrations from Bloodgood and Once Dead celebrating the anniversaries of two of their seminal releases. As well as special performances from Stevie & the Saints, Grave Robber, Ultimatum, Klank, fasedown, Stricken, Souljourners, Troglodyte Dawn, Fellguard and I built the cross. And we actually still have a surprise or two left up our sleeves for this very special event! That no one knows of yet J

Strictly Stryper Update

The May Edition (Episode 9 if your counting) of Strictly Stryper makes it’s debut this month featuring a very special interview with Louis St. August lead vocalist for Mass! Discussing the new CD ‘Sea of Black’. He will be sharing some very intimate stories about his time with Michael and Kyle Sweet. Also a very cool long lost cover song from ‘Treasure Seeker’. Visit www.strictlystryper.com for the details.

PS: Episode 8 ‘Podcast’ version is now available for download!

Crystavox and Pastor Brad tracks serviced to Christian Radio market

That’s right we have begun using a new service to aid us in our radio marketing abilities. The brand new single from Crystavox ‘Home Again’ off of the Limited Edition CD / DVD ‘The Twenty Year mix’ was serviced to radio this week! Also the brand new single ‘Turn up the light’ from Pastor Brad’s ‘Break Out’ release featuring Ken Tamplin on vocals is going to be hitting the airwaves this month as well! Be sure to request both singles on your favorite station and tell them they can get it over at www.airplayaccess.com or send an email to info@roxxproductions.com

Roxx / Rowe / Mass

We are pleased to announce a brand new bi-monthly podcast that will debut this month! Roxx Productions, Rowe Productions and Soundmass have teamed up to bring you a brand new monthly podcast that will feature music and guests from all 3 labels collaboratively. The first month’s episode will feature guests Steve Rowe and Vaughan Gregory lead singer of Grave Forsaken. As well as some bible teachings from the one and only Pastor Bob Beeman! And no where else are you gonna hear a podcast with a theme song written and performed by Mortification!! More information coming very soon!

Roxx Records Tube

Newly Launched, the official Roxx Records You Tube Channel. Updated and managed by Michael Koehler who also happens to run and operate the official Stryper you tube channel! Thanks Michael! You will be able to check out a lot of cool things but most recently added was the ‘Sneak Peek’ clip of the brand new Crystavox DVD. Check it out at www.youtube.com/roxxrecordstube

Silent Rise

James ‘JJ’ Jenkins former bass player for East West has been very busy these days! Working on a brand new track for the upcoming Deliverance tribute CD and recording bass tracks for the debut EP of the Dutch band The Circle Ends! Roxx is very proud to be working with JJ with his own new band Silent Rise! Who are also working on their new EP set to hit the streets before the end of the year! Silent Rise consists of James "J.J." Jenkins: bass and vocals, Dillon Campbell: lead and rhythm guitars, and Taylor Weaver: drums. But up first they will be playing a very special set opening for Thousand Foot Krutch and the Supertones! Come out and see an early performance from Silent Rise and get in on all the hype from the ground floor! Tickets are available from Roxx for $25 each and not only will you get to see Silent Rise but two killer performances from two of Christian Rock’s finest!

Roxx Store Update

New to the Roxx Music store this month you will see we have reashed a US distribution deal with Escape music and will be distributing the new Mass ‘Sea of Black’ CD as well as a few Laudamus ‘Lost in Vein’ CD’s they found hidden in the Escape Music vaults. Also as a part of our partnering with Soundmass and Rowe you will be able to get all of the new Soundmass CD’s in our store in the US! That’s right new releases from Grave Forsaken, Dead Moon’s Grey and Malchus will all be available this month!

Roxx Records Release Update

Pastor Brad – ‘Break Out’ with Limited Edition bonus disc is shipping next week! We still have a few bonus discs left of the 100! If you get your order in now it will go out next week!!

Crystavox –‘The Twenty Year Mix’ is slated for June Release and the bonus disc versions are ALMOST gone! Get one now before they vanish! The new ‘Where are they now’ DVD is KILLER (More on that under Roxx Tube)

The Sacrificed – ‘2012’ This is an amazing brand new release slated for July and these bonus discs are almost gone as well! The Bonus disc includes a completely remastered version of ‘The Da Vinci Hoax’ and some RARE demos from Sceptre and Sealed Fate (Pre The Sacrificed days)

The MOSHKETEERS!! – ‘The Downward Spiral’ is moving quickly with the bonus discs for Vacation from Hell being almost gone! This one will be coming down for presale in the next 2 or 3 weeks so if you want the bonus disc get it now!

Deliverance – ‘Temporary Insanity A 25th Anniversary Salute to Deliverance’ Watch for the full press release coming soon but this will be making it’s debut at UFTAIII!!!

That’s it for this month! Check everything out at www.roxxproductions.com
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Roxx Productions May 2010 Update
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