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 Madden Fanatics ....

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PostSubject: Madden Fanatics ....   Sun May 01, 2011 5:12 pm

Are you ready for 2012? Will they bring back the hit stick? Why can't you create your own plays on '11 for PS3 yet you can do it in "10 provided you have '10 for the PSP to download unto PSP? And to add insult to injury 2005 has create your own teams, playbooks,players etc! And some versions in the last few years you can't load your custom playbook into your franchise mode! What if you can't stand QB version some levels won't let you turn it off! Are you tired of EA's inconsistency over the years? Is All-Madden level too difficult and All-Pro too easy? What's your opinion on the Madden franchise over the last ten years?
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Madden Fanatics ....
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