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 Encyclopedia Metallum review rejection

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PostSubject: Encyclopedia Metallum review rejection   Fri Jun 17, 2011 6:08 pm

This is going to seem like a weird request, but do any of you happen to have one of the form emails Encyclopedia Metallum sends out when your review is rejected? I could use a copy of it.

Now, the reason I'm asking for this is because someone said "your band fuckin sucks" to me (anonymously, of course), and I thought of a rather humorous response involving the form email. I looked through my inbox, but I couldn't find one (not because I haven't gotten any, of course, just because I deleted them all in shame).

Anyway, if any of you wouldn't mind sending one along, that'd be helpful! You don't need to include your username, but I'd appreciate the rest of the letter, including the mod's name.
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Encyclopedia Metallum review rejection
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