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 Drunken Stories - Volume 2

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Heart of Metal
Heart of Metal

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PostSubject: Drunken Stories - Volume 2    Sat Nov 05, 2011 5:12 pm

Well, since my other thread had gone into the "RIP" section, I figured no one would ever post in it again, so I'll just revive it with a brand new thread - it was, after all, hilarious beyond comparison. Well, I'm just gonna' re-post what I wrote a coupla' months ago. Now, entertain me with your drunken madness!

Well, I got home from holiday in Gran Canaria last week (Granny was payin', so I accepted the offer right away!), and I had an awesome time! I found this great Irish pub where I would be spending the rest of my evenings - one day, I was there as usual. The place was packed, due to some boxing match that was going on at the time - Well, that evening I managed to score a kiss from a fairly hot Irish girl, as well as sing karaoke (my extremely deep, operatic vocal style didn't seem to fit "Summer of 69", but what the hell!) - It was a great evening, I had lotsa' fun - then it got to the time where I was about to head on home - I went the rout I always went, but suddenley after a while I stopped and thought, "Wait a minute....this ain't the right place!" - I spent the next 2,5 hours trying to get home (I only realised after a coupla' hours that I just had to go towards the beach, which would eventually lead me to our bungalow) - When I finally got home, I met granny in the kitchen and she said, "Oh, you already up? You wanna go to the beach?", and I just said, in all my drunken glory, "Nah, I needa' sleep, just got home!" - That was a great night indeed! cheers
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Drunken Stories - Volume 2
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