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 DWDY Destroy Me Cd-r 3" (prog & psyche crossover metal)

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PostSubject: DWDY Destroy Me Cd-r 3" (prog & psyche crossover metal)   Tue Jun 26, 2012 8:30 am

DWDY – Destroy me 3" Cd-r
out on June 27th 2012

Prog & psyche crossover Metal (mix of thrash, black, atmospheric metal, hardcore,...)

Tracklist: 1. Destroy me
Running time : 20:13 min

Listen to samples : http://altsphere.com/ALT084-DWDY-Destroy-me

DWDY is the meeting of 2 music and cinema enthusiasts, tired of formating and doctrinaire thinking. Moreover, it’s an anti-standardisation manifesto, a call for open-mindedness and reflection. DWDY turns our doubts and questionings into music through a one piece act, a true roller-coaster playing with our emotions and certainties.

Unclassifiable musical labyrinth and soundtrack to daydreaming “destroy me” knocks over the barriers of categories and forms. Right from the start, the listener is carried away into an initiatory journey. This for the most part instrumental complexe and rich music in which movie dialogues extracts merge into shakes up, innovates and gets you right there.
After those 20 minutes, there’s only one thing left for sure; you’ll have to press the start button once again for a new escape.
Original, out of reality, disturbing, inspiring and touching. In other words, essential.
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DWDY Destroy Me Cd-r 3" (prog & psyche crossover metal)
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