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 The Doors discography

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Heart of Metal
Heart of Metal

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PostSubject: Re: The Doors discography   Mon May 07, 2018 9:52 am

What about American Prayer ?
Poetry mixed with Doors background music.

That live version of Roadhouse Blues -
I crank in my car - in the Spring and Summer months -
from the intro " Ladies and Gentlemen. From Los Angels California ....."

To the end rap with the crowd....
" I don't know how many people here believe in Astrology....
yeah, that's right baby, I am a Sagittarius "

I heard that someone in the crowd threw an m-80 on stage -
exploded - scared the hell out of Morrison -
and he berated the audience with a few jibes - and left !

One song - done.

They did that with " The End " once.
Opened with it........then left the stage....

The good ole days ! humble

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mini boss
mini boss

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PostSubject: Re: The Doors discography   Thu Aug 23, 2018 4:10 pm

One album from The Doors that I did not review or discuss, was 'The Singles', released last year to celebrate the band's 50th anniversary. The music industry being in disarray and clueless, have choosen to release the umpteenth billion compilation release from the legendary band.

I bought at a good price and if one bought this one over one of the many comp albums already released, it would be good choice. I do think that endless packaging of greatest hits type packages devalues the discography, it does not encourage the causal fan to explore beyond the obvious tracks, but that is just me.

This package put together with the band's input, are what the title implies, the singles released during the band's brief lifetime and few posthumous singles

The version of 'Light of My Fire' is the radio edit version, that the band were cajoled into releasing, and thanks to producer Paul Rothchild's expert editing, which allowed the band to break into the mainstream.

The collection are both the A and B sides, released in chronological order. Interesting disc 2 has a number of post-Jim Morrison's included, thou only 'Tightrope Ride' became a semi-hit at the time, and since has for the most part disappeared from public conscience, even the band throws a curtain on their short lived post- Morrison efforts.

Hearing songs from 'Other Voices' and 'Full Circle' just emphasis Jim Morrison's importance to the band, without him, the music is good but did not have that distinctive sound that made The Doors sound so unique.

They did include 'The Tree' a b-side, another tune they recorded after Jim's death passing, that had remained out of print since 1972, and it turns out there was a good reason for it.

The first disc, all classics and all stills staples of classic rock radio. Disc 2 is interesting listening and I did enjoy it, while its true The Doors were much more than Jim Morrison and his backing band, but without him they were lost, directionless.

Even if you have another comp album from The Doors, if you see this cheap, grab it, its unique enough from the others to warrant your purchase.
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The Doors discography
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