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PostSubject: DIVEBOMB RECORDS introduces BOOTCAMP SERIES   Wed Nov 06, 2013 3:25 pm

**Sorry for the long amount of text, with this post I am caught up on info so it will be shorter in the future**

This past October, Divebomb Records unveiled its new series of cult reissues entitled DIVEBOMB BOOTCAMP. The series aims to pay homage to seminal record label, Combat Records, and the vinyl 12" releases they originally issued back in the late ‘80’s bearing the same moniker.

While the initial goal of Divebomb's Bootcamp was to unearth lost sessions, unreleased albums and long-forgotten demos by unsung heroes of the hard rock and metal scenes’ past, it quickly became apparent to label boss, Matt Rudzinski, that it should also continue in the Combat Records tradition of providing an outlet for independent bands to get their previously DIY releases the attention they deserve.

So, not only are these cult bands for cult fans, but there’s also new blood for the new breed. DIVEBOMB BOOTCAMP wants to know…are you ready to join the army? Each release is limited to 500 units worldwide and includes brand new artwork, full-color booklets, new interviews, plus pictures from each band’s private archives. In other words, everything die-hard fans could ever want from these obscure acts.

The initial invasion set for October includes: Texas’ MANTA RAY (members of King Diamond and Chastain), England’s INNER SANCTUM (members of Fifth Season/Synaptik), Long Island’s FIRSTRIKE, Maine’s WEAPONS (once courted by Mechanic Records) and finally, California’s MINISTERS OF ANGER (members of Damn the Machine, Sacred Reich and Machine Head).

The second Bootcamp blitzkrieg is planned for December and will feature newcomers including the circle pit-inducing mayhem from England’s ERADIKATOR, Brazil’s ELECTRIC AGE, whose combination of Deep Purple-kissed vintage hard rock and traditional metal is sure to please any connoisseur of the genres.

The other December releases come courtesy of two U.S. contenders. PROJECT: ROENWOLFE infuse their power metal with a healthy helping of thrash aggression, while the progressive yet muscular attack of South Carolina-based combo EVERTHRONE further solidifies Rudzinski’s goal to keep the Bootcamp series a diverse affair.

Future Bootcamp titles planned for 2014 include: REIGN, THE HORDE OF TORMENT, SAVAGE CHOIR, ENERTIA, OF DYING DREAMS, CYNICISM, NIGHT IN GALES and many many more!



DECLASSIFIED INFORMATION: The year was 1989, an aspiring young musician by the name of Lance Harvill was returning home to Dallas after graduating from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood with a burning desire to start a band of his own. He quickly enlisted the help of former classmate Mike Morgan, John Luke Hebert and David Harbour – both of whom would eventually join CHASTAIN and KING DIAMOND. After rehearsals, selecting the moniker MANTA RAY, the group entered the famous Dallas Sound Lab Studios (PANTERA, RIGOR MORTIS) studio and laid down four tracks they hoped would land them a record deal. Despite the extremely professional demo the band found themselves caught within a transitioning time in the industry and ultimately no deal was found. This Dallas Sound Lab session has been buried for over 20 years.

COMRADES IN ARMS: Queensryche, Crimson Glory, Fates Warning and Sanctuary

ARSENAL: Limited Edition CD – only 500 units pressed worldwide – new artwork – band supplied photos – full color 8 page booklet with lyrics – new interview with Lance Harvill


DECLASSIFIED INFORMATION: Rising within the UK’s electrifying metal scene of the late 80’s, INNER SANCTUM eventually found themselves at odds with the majority of their surroundings. While during their early years they embraced the popularity of the exploding Thrash scene, but they simply were not content attempting to fit a mold of what that type of band should be. They grew more exploratory, stretching their creative wings and drifting further into much more progressive territories. Was this a calculated maneuver or a huge misstep on their part? History might suggest the latter, but these 6 demo tapes reveal a band embracing their enigmatic destiny and steamrolling headlong down the road less traveled.

COMRADES IN ARMS: Watchtower, Anacrusis, Toxik and Psychotic Waltz

ARSENAL: Limited Edition 2xCD – only 500 units pressed worldwide – new artwork – band supplied photos – full color 12 page booklet with lyrics – new interview with band members


DECLASSIFIED INFORMATION: The metal scene may have been experiencing a downward trajectory during the early 90’s as far as consumption was concerned, but that didn’t stop hundreds, even thousands of bands around the world from attempting to carry the torch onward. Long Island’s FIRSTRIKE was one of those bands releasing two impressive demos; 1992’s Deadly Voltage and 1990’s Agony Pit during a time when many metal fans were falling by the way side. FIRSTRIKE could easily have been part of the Shrapnel Records roster as their brand of thrash influenced power metal is not for the faint of heart. FIRSTRIKE delivered thunderous rhythms, soaring vocals alongside six string acrobatics that would have given Paul Gilbert or David Chastain a serious run for their money. This band was no joke, but unfortunately arriving just too late to be given the chance they needed to succeed.

COMRADES IN ARMS: Racer X, Hexx, Vicious Rumors and Chastain

ARSENAL: Limited Edition CD – only 500 units pressed worldwide – new artwork – band supplied photos – full color 8 page booklet with lyrics – new interview with band members

SOURCE NOTE: The band provided us sealed copies of their original demo tapes for transfer, but as with all things analog some faults can be found. We are always surprised ourselves when 20 year old cassettes hold up this long, but sticklers for superb production should pass on by and instead pick up the newest Five Finger Death Punch album.


DECLASSIFIED INFORMATION: When people think of metropolises of Metal the state of Maine is never uttered, trust us. Despite this huge disadvantage in a time before the internet a band called WEAPONS made so many waves locally that Mechanic Records came calling. Sadly enough, before ink could be put to paper, the suits had decided that Thrash was no longer the direction the label should take and in an instant prospects of a deal vanished. Unfazed by these events WEAPONS soldiered on recording more music well into the middle of the 90’s and updating their sound as they went along. A superb blend of thrash, hard rock and tinges of progressive elements really helped to define them, even now, nearly 20 years after the fact.

COMRADES IN ARMS: Megadeth, Armored Saint, Flotsam & Jetsam, Death Angel and Skid Row

ARSENAL: Limited Edition CD – only 500 units pressed worldwide – new artwork – band supplied photos – full color 12 page booklet with lyrics – new interview with Edwin Ecker III


DECLASSIFIED INFORMATION: Guitarist/Vocalist, David Clemmons, is possibly best known in the metal world as a key member of progressive upstarts, Damn The Machine, but before hooking up with the Poland brothers he had a remarkable project all unto himself. Essentially, MINISTERS OF ANGER was a two man wrecking crew as David had partnered up with former Murdercar band mate Dave McClain (Sacred Reich, Machine Head) in 1988 to help record drums on his demo. The duo wound up cranking out two demos, both engineered by Joe Floyd (Warrior). The first demo from 1988 went unnoticed but the second, Renaissance, released in 1990 is what really caught people’s attention. Not full on thrash metal, but not quite eccentric enough to be considered progressive MINISTERS OF ANGER fell somewhere into a grey area it would have seemed. Some might believe this to be an unfortunate place to find themselves, but what it really reveals is a band that was not afraid to take risks and ultimately was far ahead of the rest of the pack even if the appropriate accolades of the masses never came.

COMRADES IN ARMS: Damn The Machine, Sacred Reich, Watchtower, Forbidden and Death Angel.

ARSENAL: Limited Edition CD – only 500 units pressed worldwide – new artwork – band supplied photos – full color 12 page booklet with lyrics – new interview with David Clemmons
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PostSubject: Re: DIVEBOMB RECORDS introduces BOOTCAMP SERIES   Thu Nov 07, 2013 8:16 pm

divebomb has some great stuff!

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