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 Post your 2015 Hauls

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Fat Freddy
Lord of all PBR's
Lord of all PBR's

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PostSubject: Post your 2015 Hauls   Thu Dec 31, 2015 11:39 am

It's that time of year again... when the list-o-maniacs post all of the musical crap they've accumulated in the past year for everyone to "ooh" and "ahh" over. Very Happy

I had a very good 2015 collecting-wise...I picked up 83 (!) CDs this year, which beats my totals from 2014 (50 even) and 2013 (45) by a large margin.

...please don't tell my wife. Very Happy

The ultra-cheap used prices at GoHastings and SecondSpin were VERY good to me this year, and the local thrift store(s) have continued to be fruitful watering holes as well, so I only paid retail for a quarter of the stuff on this list, if that.

Scanning the list, I see that my Twisted Sister collection is nearing completion (I just need Love Is For Suckers); I'm done with Dokken and Warrior Soul unless they release new stuff; and I only need two KISS studio albums to complete my discography - however, they're the two worst (Hot in the Shade and Crazy Nights) so I'm in no hurry to get either one of them and may never even bother Very Happy

I also noticed that I went "off the reservation" (i.e. buying stuff not related to metal/hard rock) more often this year than in the past by picking up cheap-o's by the Dixie Chicks, The Cars, Quarterflash, 38 Special and a few others.

Lastly, I didn't realize it at the time but I definitely had a hard-on for those cheap-ass Deadline/Cleopatra multi-artist "Tribute" albums from the late 90s/early '00s this year, cuz I bought a whole crapload of 'em!  

Anywhoo, here's my list. According to my RateYourMusic account my collection is currently at 942 CDs. If I keep goin' at the rate I'm goin' I should break the elusive 1,000 mark by this time next year.

Onward and upward my friends!!

Judas Priest - Redeemer of Souls (2CD)
AC/DC - Rock or Bust, Stiff Upper Lip and The Razors Edge
Aerosmith - Live Bootleg
Pentagram - Last Rites and First Daze Here Too
Sanctuary - The Year the Sun Died
Sepultura - Blood Rooted, Beneath the Remains, Against and Roots
Death - Live in L.A.: Death & Raw
Testament - Demonic
Green Jelly - Cereal Killer Soundtrack
Janes' Addiction - Ritual de lo Habitual
Down - NOLA
Various - Tales From the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight (soundtrack)
Biohazard - Urban Discipline, State of the World Address, and Kill or Be Killed
King Zebra - Greatest Hits
Nevermore - The Obsidian Conspiracy
The Sword - Warp Riders
Dokken - Lightning Strikes Again and The Anthems
Metallica - Death Magnetic
Warrior Soul - Classics and Stiff Middle Finger
Twisted Sister - Under the Blade (remaster w/bonus DVD), Club Daze Vol. I: The Studio Sessions; Club Daze Vol. II: Live in the Bars; Come Out and Play
Saigon Kick - Devil in the Details
Various - Thunderbolt: A Tribute to AC/DC
Various - Not the Same Old Song & Dance: A Tribute to Aerosmith
American Angel - EP '92
The Cars - S/T
Shotgun Messiah - S/T and Second Coming (Divebomb Recs. reissues)
Rolling Stones - Big Hits: High Tides and Green Grass
Krokus - Original Album Classics (3 CD)
Raven - ExtermiNation
Sweet & Lynch - Only To Rise
Prong - Ruining Lives and Rude Awakening
Riot - Fire Down Under
Hatchet - Awaiting Evil
Various - Leppardmania: A Tribute to Def Leppard
Whitesnake - Good To Be Bad and The Purple Album
Fastway - Trick or Treat soundtrack
Helloween - I Want Out (live)
Tora Tora - Surprise Attack
Chris Caffery - W.A.R.P.E.D.
Deep Purple - Burn
Extreme - S/T
New American Shame - S/T
Motorhead - Motorizer and Bad Magic
Dixie Chicks - Fly
Quarterflash - Harden My Heart: The Best of Quarterflash
.38 Special - Flashback
ZZ Top - Greatest Hits
Weird Al Yankovic - Off the Deep End
KISS - Gene Simmons (solo), Paul Stanley (solo), Peter Criss (solo), ALIVE!
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - Greatest Hits and Unvarnished
Iron Maiden - The Book of Souls
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Mothers' Milk
Silverchair - Frogstomp
Queensryche - Condition Human
The Offspring - Smash
Stryper - Fallen
Armored Saint - Win Hands Down
W.A.S.P. - Golgotha
Various - Humanary Stew: A Tribute to Alice Cooper
Helmet - Meantime
Anthrax - State of Euphoria
Various - Metallic Assault: A Tribute to Metallica

"I am reluctant to get too deep into politics, and I don’t expect politicians to get too deep into music."
- Paul Stanley

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Metal is Forever

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PostSubject: Re: Post your 2015 Hauls   Thu Dec 31, 2015 1:04 pm

I purchased far less music this year than previous years.  Only 102 total pieces acquired between CDs and vinyl.  My vinyl purchases really declined this year. I have 3181 CDs and vinyl in my collection.  I don't add cassettes for some reason, but I only purchased a couple of those this year and I don't include downloads that I purchased. I purchased eight(!) Diamond Head CDs for that two part article that I wrote explaining all of their CD releases.

Here's the list:


Ambush          Desecrator
Amulet           The First
Armored Saint March Of The Saint (Chrysalis pressing)
Armored Saint Win Hands Down
Armored Saint Symbol of Salvation (Metal Blade original Pressing)
Black Rose        The Early Years & More - Remastered
Black Sabbath Born Again (Deluxe Edition)
Black Sabbath Seventh Star (Deluxe Edition)
Black Sabbath Dehumanizer (Deluxe Edition)
Black Sabbath Heaven And Hell (Deluxe Edition)
Black Sabbath Mob Rules (Deluxe Edition)
Black Trip        Shadowline
Blind Fury        Out Of Reach
C.I.A.                In The Red
Chastain        For Those Who Dare
Chastain        Mystery Of Illusion
Chastain        The Voice Of The Cult
Chastain        The 7th Of Never
Cloven Altar Cloven Altar
Cloven Altar Demon Of The Night
Crypt Sermon Out Of The Garden
Deadly Force From This Hell
Denner / Sherman Satan's Tomb
Diamond Head Am I Evil? : The Best of Diamond Head
Diamond Head Behold The Beginning
Diamond Head Live At The BBC
Diamond Head Am I Evil
Diamond Head Lightning To The Nations
Diamond Head Singles
Diamond Head Am I Evil? The Diamond Head Anthology
Diamond Head Canterbury
Enforcer        From Beyond
Evil Invaders Pulses of Pleasure
Fist                Turn The Hell On
Graviators, The Motherload
Hirax                Immortal Legacy
Hollow Ground Warlord
Iron Maiden   The Book Of Souls
Jaguar        Opening The Enlcosure Of…
Judas Priest Defenders Of The Faith (30th Anniversary Edition)
Leather        Shock Waves
Leeway        Born To Expire
Megadeth        Fatal Illusion (Jpn 3 Track Single)
Meliah Rage Before The Kill
Mendes Prey The Never Ending Road
Midnight Malice Proving Grounds (Jpn Import with 3 bonus tracks)
Motorhead        Thunder & Lightning (single)
Motorhead        Bad Magic
Night Demon Curse Of The Damned
Night Demon Night Demon
Orange Goblin A Eulogy For The Damned
Orange Goblin A Eulogy For The Fans…Orange Goblin Live 2012
Orchid        Sign Of The Witch
Panzer        Send Them All To Hell
Quartz        Too Hot To Handle
Queensryche Condition Human
Ram                Svbversvm
Ram/Portrait Under Command - Split E.P.
Ranger        Skull Splitting Metal!
Raven        ExtermiNation
Raven        Live At The Inferno
Riot                Fire Down Under (Metal Blade remaster +2 bonus tracks)
Roth, Uli Jon Scorpions Revisited
Sacred Rite        Sacred Rite
Salems Lott        Salems Lott
Satan                Atom By Atom
Saxon        Battering Ram
Shok Paris        Steel And Starlight (The Auburn Sessions)
Skelator        King Of Fear
Slayer        Repentless
Sodom        Sacred Warpath
Sorcerer        In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross
Sorcerer        Sorcerer
Stygian Shore Stygian Shore
Stygian Shore The Shore Will Arise
Sword, The        High Country
Twisted Sister Under the Blade
Tygers of Pan Tang Tyger Sessions:The First Wave
U.D.O.        Decadent
Ugly Kid Joe Stairway To Hell
Ugly Kid Joe Uglier Than They Used Ta Be
Various        60 Minute Plus Heavy Metal Compilation
Various        Dracula 2000
Venom        Fallen Angels
Venom        From The Very Depths
Victim        Power Hungry
Victim        By The Neck
Visigoth        The Revenant King
W.A.S.P.        Golgotha
Wargasm        Satan Stole My Lunch Money
Wargasm        Why Play Around? - remastered limited edition of 666 (not so official reissue)
Wargasm        Why Play Around? - remastered with sticker and poster (official reissue)


Bat        Primitive Age
Bat        Cruel Discipline (7")
Enforcer From Beyond
Enforcer Live By Fire (box set)
Griffin Live '82 (7")
Night Demon Curse Of The Damned
Satan's Hallow The Horror / Satan's Hallow (7")
Terminal Satanski naročila / Črna smrt (7")
Visigoth Final Spell
Wargasm Satan Stole My Lunch Money
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Metal is my Life
Metal is my Life

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PostSubject: Re: Post your 2015 Hauls   Thu Dec 31, 2015 2:00 pm

Exodus -Blood In, Blood Out
Axel Rudi Pell - The Crest
Sanctuary - The Year The Sun Died
Forte - Rise Above
U.D.O. - Rev-Raptor
Loudness – Terror
Hammerfall - (r)Evolution
Scanner - Hyper Trace
Scanner - Terminal Earth
U.D.O. – Decadent
Armored Saint – Win Hands Down
Loudness – 2012
Helloween - My God-Given Right
Loudness – King Of Pain
Loudness – The Sun Will Rise Again
Alice In Chains – Facelift
Iron Maiden – The Book Of Souls
Slayer – Repentless
W.A.S.P. – Golgotha
Journey – Infinity
Journey – Evolution
U.D.O. - Mastercutor
Frehley’s Comet – Second Sighting
Powermad – The Madness Begins…

A rather paltry amount. I have 3 more cds on order but they won't arrive for a while since their coming from the Russian Federation and Japan.

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Metal is my Life
Metal is my Life

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PostSubject: Re: Post your 2015 Hauls   Fri Jan 01, 2016 12:51 am

This is going to sound crazy, but this was a SUPER slow year for me. I imagine it's a trend that'll continue now that I have kids.

311 - Archive (4CD)
7th Rail Crew - Sevenation (EP)
Abnormal Thought Patterns - Altered States Of Consciousness
AC/DC - Big Gun (Promo CD Single)
Aerosmith - Hole In My Soul (CD Single w/Non-LP Track)
Aerosmith - Hole In My Soul (Promo CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
Aerosmith - The Other Side (Promo CD Single w/Non-LP Track)
Agnostic Front - The American Dream Died
Agnostic Front - Warriors
Alaska - Bronze Years
Alien Ant Farm - Always And Forever
All That Remains - The Order Of Things
Alunah - Awakening The Forest (w/Bonus Track)
Amorphis - Under The Red Cloud (w/Bonus Tracks)
Angra - Secret Garden
Ani DiFranco - Official Bootleg #15: Ridgefield 11.18.09 (2CD)
Ani DiFranco - Official Bootleg #16: Harrisburg 1.23.08 (2CD)
Ani DiFranco - Official Bootleg #17: New York City 3.30.95 (2CD)
Answer, The - New Horizon (EP) (Digital)
Argus - Argus
Argus - Boldly Stride The Doomed
Art Of Anarchy - Art Of Anarchy
ASG - Feeling Good Is Good Enough
Asylum - The Earth Is The Insane Asylum Of The Universe (Reissue)
At War With Self - Circadian Rhythm Disorder (Digital)
Auditory Imagery - Reign
Audrey Horne - Pure Heavy (w/Bonus Tracks)
Avantasia - The Flying Opera: Around The World In Twenty Days - Live (2CD/2DVD)
Avatarium - Avatarium
Axel Rudi Pell - Into The Storm (w/Bonus Tracks)
Axel Rudi Pell - Mystica
Back From Ashes - Point Of No Return (Single) (Digital)
Back From Ashes - Rizen (Single) (Digital)
Bad Company - Stories Told & Untold (Promo 2CD)
Bang Tango - Ready To Go
Baptized In Blood - Baptized In Blood
Baroness - Purple
Battle Beast - Unholy Savior (w/Bonus Track)
Beardfish - +4626 - Comfortzone (2CD)
Beck - Guero
Beck - Stereopathic Soulmanure
Believer - Transhuman
Below - Across The Dark River
Beth Orton - Stolen Car (CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
Between The Buried And Me - Alaska
Between The Buried And Me - Best Of (2CD/DVD)
Between The Buried And Me - Colors
Between The Buried And Me - Coma Ecliptic
Between The Buried And Me - The Anatomy Of
Between The Buried And Me - The Great Misdirect (CD/DVD)
Between The Buried And Me - The Parallax II: Future Sequence
Black Crowes, The - Better When You're Not Alone (Promo CD Single w/Non-LP Track)
Black Dawn - Age Of Reason
Black Dawn - Until We Meet (EP)
Black Star Riders - The Killer Instinct (2CD w/Bonus Tracks)
Blind Guardian - Beyond The Red Mirror (w/Bonus Track)
Bloody Jug Band, The - Rope Burn
Bon Jovi - Burning Bridges (w/Bonus Track)
Bonz - Broken Silence
Brad Gillis - Gilrock Ranch
Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth - Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth
Buck Pets, The - Car Chase (7" EP)
Burning Rain - Burning Rain (w/Bonus Tracks)
Byzantine - To Release Is To Resolve
Camper Van Beethoven - Camper Van Beethoven
Camper Van Beethoven - Camper Vantiquities
Camper Van Beethoven - La Costa Perdida
Channel Zero - Kill All Kings
Chris Desing And The Bisapiens - Amnesia
Christian Death - Only Theatre Of Pain (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Christian Death - Skeleton Kiss (EP)
Chrome Division - 3rd Round Knockout
Circle II Circle - Reign Of Darkness
City Boy - City Boy (Reissue)
Clutch - Psychic Warfare
Coal Chamber - Rivals (CD/DVD w/Bonus Tracks)
Colin Linden - Raised By Wolves
Collective Soul - See What You Started By Continuing
Convicted Fate - Get Up (Single) (Digital)
Corvus - Good Mourning My Love, Goodnight My Lover (2CD)
Cranberries, The - Analyse (CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
Cranberries, The - When You're Gone/Free To Decide (CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
Crisis - 8 Convulsions
Crowbar - Time Heals Nothing
Cryptic Vision - In A World
Cypress Hill - Lick A Shot (CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
D.A.D. - Riskin' It All
Da Skulls - 1 (EP)
Damn The Machine - Silence (EP)
Dark Empire - From Refuge To Ruin
Dead Milkmen, The - Prisoner's Cinema (Single) (Digital)
Dead Season - Down Again (EP)
Death Before Dishonor - Count Me In
Def Leppard - Def Leppard (Fanpack Edition w/Bonus Tracks)
Def Leppard - Pyromania (2CD Reissue)
Denner/Shermann - Satan's Tomb (EP)
Device - Device (w/Bonus Tracks)
Devil You Know - They Bleed Red (w/Bonus Tracks)
Devin Townsend - The Retinal Circus (2CD/2DVD)
Diecast - Day Of Reckoning
Diecast - Tearing Down Your Blue Skies (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Dirtbombs, The - Ultraglide In Black
Disturbed - Immortalized (w/Bonus Tracks)
Divinity - The Singularity
Dog Fashion Disco - Ad Nauseam
Dokken - From Conception: Live 1981
DragonForce - The Power Within
DragonForce - Twilight Dementia (2CD)
DragonForce - Ultra Beatdown
E. Town Concrete - The Renaissance
Earth Crisis - The Discipline (EP)
Elastica - Elastica
Elastica - Stutter (CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
Emm Gryner - 21st Century Ballads
Emm Gryner - 21st Century Ballads
Ensiferum - One Man Army (2CD w/Bonus Tracks)
Envinity - Ain't Nobody (Single) (Digital)
Epitaph - Epitaph
Eric McFadden - Devil Moon
Evidence One - Tattooed Heart (w/Bonus Track)
Evil Invaders - Pulses Of Pleasure
Falconer - Chapters From A Vale Forlorn
Fatal Force - Fatal Force
Fear Factory - Genexus (w/Bonus Tracks)
Final Sign - Hold High The Flame (Autographed)
Fiona - Heart Like A Gun
Five Finger Death Punch - Got Your Six (w/Bonus Tracks)
Flyleaf - Between The Stars
Flyleaf - Memento Mori
Foo Fighters - Saint Cecilia (EP) (Digital)
Foo Fighters - Saint Cecilia (EP) (Digital)
Foo Fighters - Saint Cecilia (EP) (Digital)
Forsaken, The - Traces Of The Past (w/Bonus Tracks)
Freedom Hawk - Freedom Hawk
G. Love - Fixin' To Die
G. Love - The Hustle
Gary Clark Jr. - The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim
Geoff Tate - Kings & Thieves
George Lynch - Shadow Train (2CD)
Ghost - Meliora (w/Bonus Tracks)
Ginger Wildheart - Clout (EP) (Digital)
Ginger Wildheart - Year Of The Fanclub (Autographed)
Good Riddance - Bound By Ties Of Blood And Affection
Gospel Of The Witches - Salem's Wounds
Gov't Mule - Sco-Mule (feat. John Scofield) (2CD)
Graviators, The - Motherload
Grayskul - Bloody Radio
Great Discord, The - Duende
Green Apple Quick Step - Reloaded
Grey Skies Fallen - Earthwalker (7" EP) (9 of 135)
Grey Skies Fallen - Earthwalker (EP) (Digital)
Grey Skies Fallen - Introspective/Along Came Life (Double EP)
Grip Inc. - Hostage To Heaven (EP) (Digital)
Guns N' Roses - Live Era '87–'93 Sampler
Gypsyhawk - Patience And Perseverance
Hate Dept. - Technical Difficulties
H-Blockx - Discover My Soul
Heads Up - Soul Brother Crisis Intervention
Healing Sixes - Bluejay
Heather Eatman - Candy & Dirt
Heather Eatman - Mascara Falls
Helix - Wild In The Streets
Hellacopters, The - Rock & Roll Is Dead (w/Bonus Tracks)
Helloween - My God-Given Right (w/Bonus Tracks)
High Back Chairs, The - Curiosity And Relief (EP)
High Back Chairs, The - Of Two Minds
Holy Grail - Crisis In Utopia
Holy Love Snakes - Blossom
Holy Love Snakes - Holy Love Snakes (Cassette Demo)
Huntress - Back From The Dead To Kill (Demo) (Digital)
Huntress - Static (w/Bonus Track)
Incubus - Trust Fall (Side A) (EP)
Into Another - Omens (EP) (Digital)
Into Another - Poison Fingers (EP)
Iron Fire - Blade Of Triumph (w/Bonus Tracks)
It Bites - Map Of The Past
Izzy Stradlin - Baby Rann (Single) (Digital)
Izzy Stradlin - Upside (Single) (Digital)
Jack White - Lazaretto
Jaded Star - Memories From The Future
Jerry Gaskill - Love And Scars
Jetboy - Damned Nation
Joe Elliot's Down 'N' Outz - The Further Adventures Of... (w/Bonus Tracks) (Autographed) (471 of 500)
Kamelot - Haven (2CD w/Bonus Tracks)
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - The Place You're In
Kid Rock - First Kiss (CD Single w/Non-LP Track)
King's X - Live Love In London (2CD)
Kiske/Somerville - City Of Heroes
KMFDM - Salvation (EP)
Kottonmouth Kings - Krown Power (2CD w/Bonus Tracks)
Kreator - Outcast
Kreator - Scenarios Of Violence
Kreator - Voices Of Transgression: A 90s Retrospective (w/Bonus Track)
Krisiun - Forged In Fury (w/Bonus Tracks)
Kroh - Living Water (Single) (Digital)
Laaz Rockit - Left For Dead
Lagwagon - I Think My Older Brother Used To Listen To Lagwagon (EP)
Last Laugh - Ashamed Of It
Leprous - Coal (w/Bonus Track)
Leprous - The Congregation (w/Bonus Track)
Less Than Jake - See The Light
Lili Haydn - LiliLand
Lindemann - Skills In Pills
Lordes Werre - Demon Crusades
Lost Goat - Equator
Lovemongers, The - Battle Of Evermore (CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
Lucifer - Lucifer I
Lynch Mob - Rebel
Maegi - Skies Fall
Magellan - 24 Or 6 To 4 (Single) (Digital)
Marilyn Manson - The Pale Emperor (w/Bonus Tracks)
Marilyn Manson - Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge (CD Single)
Matthew Good - Avalanche
Matthew Good Band - The Audio Of Being
Mechina - Archeron (Digital)
Mercenary - Metamorphosis
Metal Church - Blessing In Disguise
Michael Monroe - Blackout States
Midnight Tragedy, A - Lost Under Infinite Sorrow
Miss Crazy - Grip (w/Bonus Tracks)
Miss Crazy - Inception
Miss Crazy - Resurrection Hard Rock
Mississippi Bones - The Rejects Strike Back (EP) (Digital)
Monster Magnet - Cobras And Fire: The Mastermind Redux
Moon Safari - Lover's End
Moonlyght - Return To Desolation
Moonspell - Extinct (CD/DVD w/Bonus Tracks)
Mother Love Bone - Hold Your Head Up (7" EP) (Reissue)
Mudcrutch - Mudcrutch
Mumbleskinny - Hinge
Murmurs, The - Blender
Nasty Crue - Love At Backdoor (Single) (Digital)
Nazareth - Close Enough For Rocn 'N' Roll (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Neal Morse - So Many Roads (3CD)
Neal Morse - Testimony Two (2CD)
Neal Morse - Testimony Two: Live In Los Angeles (3CD/2DVD)
Neal Morse Band, The - The Grand Experiment (2CD/DVD)
Nekrogoblikon - Heavy Meta
Night Demon - Curse Of The Damned (w/Bonus Track)
Night Flight Orchestra, The - Internal Affairs (w/Bonus Track)
Night Flight Orchestra, The - Skyline Whispers (w/Bonus Track)
Nightwish - Elan (CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
Nightwish - Highest Hopes: The Best Of Nightwish
No Use For A Name - The Feel Good Record Of The Year
Nothing More - Nothing More
Once Human - The Life I Remember
Origin - Entity
Otis Taylor - White African
Overwhelming Colorfast - Overwhelming Colorfast
Ozzy Osbourne - Scream (2CD w/Bonus Tracks)
P.O.D. - The Awakening
Panzer - Send Them All To Hell (w/Bonus Track)
Papa Roach - F.E.A.R. (w/Bonus Tracks)
Paradise Lost - The Plague Within (w/Bonus Track)
Pentagram - Last Rites
Periphery - Juggernaut: Alpha
Periphery - Juggernaut: Omega (CD/DVD)
Periphery - Periphery
Phish - Junta (w/Bonus Tracks)
Phish - The Siket Disc
Pillar - One Love Revolution (w/Bonus Track)
Pink Cream 69 - Pink Cream 69 (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Powerwolf - Blessed & Possessed/Metallum Nostrum (2CD)
Prima Donna - Nine Lives And Forty-Fives
Pro-Pain - Voice Of Rebellion (w/Bonus Tracks)
Prozak - We All Fall Down
Pure Reason Revolution - Hammer And Anvil
Queensryche - Condition Human
R.E.M. - Bang And Blame (CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
R.E.M. - Daysleeper (CD Single w/Non-LP Track)
R.E.M. - Electrolite (CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
R.E.M. - The Great Beyond (CD Single w/Non-LP Track)
Revelation - Inner Harbor
Rollins Band - Do It
Rollins Band - Hard Volume (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Rollins Band - Life Time
Royal Hunt - X (w/Bonus Track)
Sabaton - Heroes (w/Bonus Tracks)
Samael - Passage
Sass Jordan - Rats
Saviours - Palace Of Vision
Scott Weiland - Happy In Galoshes (2CD)
Scott Weiland And The Wildabouts - Blaster
Season To Risk - Men Are Monkeys, Robots Win
Secrets Of The Sky - Pathway
Serenity - War Of Ages (w/Bonus Tracks)
Shattered Skies - The World We Used To Know
Sights, The - Got What We Want
Sirenia - The Seventh Life Path (w/Bonus Track)
Sister Machine Gun - Burn
Sixty Watt Shaman - Seed Of Decades
Skindred - Volume (CD/DVD)
Slayer - Repentless (CD Single w/Non-LP Track)
Slayer - Repentless (CD/DVD)
Slayer - South Of Heaven
Smashed Gladys - Social Intercourse
Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgest (Book Edition)
Smashing Pumpkins, The - Machina/The Machines Of God
Soilwork - The Ride Majestic (w/Bonus Tracks)
Solstice - Halcyon (EP) (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Sons Of Texas - Baptized In The Rio Grande
Soulfly - Archangel (CD/DVD w/Bonus Tracks)
Space Mushroom Fuzz - Retrieving The Almanac (Digital)
Space Mushroom Fuzz - Until Next Time (Digital)
Spineshank - Anger Denial Acceptance
Squealer - The Circle Shuts (w/Bonus Tracks)
Steel - Hammered
Steve Walsh - Schemer Dreamer (Reissue)
Stone Axe - Stone Axe II (2CD w/Bonus Tracks)
Storm King - Aura Of Failure (EP)
Storm King - Everything That's Meaningful In Your Life Will Be Destroyed (144 of 150)
Strife - Incision (EP)
Subterranean Masquerade - The Great Bazaar (w/Bonus Tracks) (Autographed)
Suffocation - Human Waste (EP)
Suicidal Tendencies - Friends & Family 2
Swallow The Sun - Songs From The North Pt. I, II & III (3CD)
Sweaty Nipples - Chickensnake (7" EP)
Sweet & Lynch - Only To Rise
Sword, The - High Country
Symphony X - Iconoclast (2CD)
Tamplin And Friends - An Axe To Grind
Tangent, The - A Spark In The Aether: The Music That Died Alone - Volume Two (w/Bonus Track)
Tau Cross - Tau Cross
Terror - Lowest Of The Low
Terror - One With The Underdogs
Terror - The Damned, The Shamed
Tesseract - Concealing Fate (EP)
Tesseract - Perspective (EP)
Texas Is The Reason - Do You Know Who You Are?
Therapy? - Deathstimate (Single w/Non-LP Tracks) (Digital)
Therapy? - Disquiet (w/Digital Bonus Track)
Therapy? - Still Hurts (Single w/Non-LP Tracks) (Digital)
They Might Be Giants - Glean
Thrust - Fist Held High/Reincarnation (2CD Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Thunder - Killer (EP)
Thunder - Wonder Days (2CD)
Tony Gabriel's Orbynot - Without A Trace (w/Bonus Track)
Tower - Tower (EP) (Digital)
Transatlantic - KaLIVEoscope (3CD/DVD)
Tuff - What Comes Around Goes Around
U.D.O. - Decadent (w/Bonus Tracks)
Urgencies, The - Manifesto
Vanisher - Make It Easy (Single) (Digital)
Vanisher - Mirrors (Single) (Digital)
Various Artists - Endangered Species (6 x 7" Singles) (Box Set)
Various Artists - Sound Check No. 85
Vintage Caravan, The - Arrival (w/Bonus Tracks)
Watch, The - Ghost
White Lion - Fight To Survive
White Stripes, The - Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground (CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
White Wizzard - The Devil's Cut
Whitecross - In The Kingdom
Widespread Panic - Another Joyous Occasion (feat. The Dirty Dozen Brass Band)
Wobbler - Rites At Dawn
Wolfheart - Fire And Ice (7" Flexi-Single)
Wolfheart - Shadow World
Wolfheart - Winterborn (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Wolverine - Communication Lost
Xandria - Fire & Ashes (EP)
Y&T - Black Tiger
Zerosystem - The Architect (Single) (Digital)

That's only 362 albums/singles/whatever. Some were free, some are just digital things. I just can't get out to record shops as much as I used to. Worse, most of the Newbury Comics shops near are transforming into hipster clothing stores. Every time I go into one, the music section has shrunk since the last time I was there. It's depressing. Haha.

Even with my new $50-a-week budget, I could stretch that quite a bit with used CD purchases. Without being able to get out to do that, though, and with such limited pickings these days, I tend to buy brand new albums from Amazon. That $50 goes quick when buying at full price. =(

"Happy people have no stories" —Therapy?

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Metal master
Metal master

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PostSubject: Re: Post your 2015 Hauls   Fri Jan 01, 2016 1:04 am

A.N.S.- Pressure Cracks
Anacrusis- Hindsight, Vol. 2: Reason
Annihilator- All for You
Annihilator- Carnival Diablos
Annihilator- Criteria for a Black Widow
Annihilator- King of the Kill
Annihilator- Metal
Annihilator- Refresh the Demon
Annihilator- Suicide Society
Anthrax- Fistful of Metal
Anthrax- Sound of White Noise
Anthrax- State of Euphoria
Anthrax- Worship Music
Atheist- Unquestionable Presence
Bathory- Blood Fire Death
Black Sabbath- Black Sabbath
Crimson Glory- Transcendence
Daniel Wax Off!- Puttin' Oot Da Thrash
Deceased- Fearless Undead
Deceased- Supernatural Addiction
Def Leppard- Pyromania
Dream Theater- Awake
Dream Theater- Black Clouds & Silver Linings
Dream Theater- A Dramatic Turn of Events
Dream Theater- Falling into Infinity
Dream Theater- Images and Words
Dream Theater- Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory
Dream Theater- Octavarium
Dream Theater- Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
Dream Theater- Systematic Chaos
Dream Theater- Train of Thought
Dream Theater- When Dream and Day Unite
Evil Invaders- Pulses of Pleasure
Fates Warning- Awaken the Guardian
Fog of War- Here Lies Humanity
Ghost- Meliora
Harlott- Proliferation
Hatchet- Fear Beyond Lunacy
In Defence- Don't Know How to Breakdance
Iron Maiden- The Book of Souls
King's X- Gretchen Goes to Nebraska
Leeway- Born to Expire
Megadeth- Cryptic Writings
Mekong Delta- Mekong Delta
Metal Church- The Dark
Mutant- Laserdrome (EP)
Nevermore- Enemies of Reality
Nevermore- Nevermore
Operation: Mindcrime- The Key
Pain of Salvation- Entropia
Pantera- The Great Southern
Queensrÿche- Condition Hüman
Queensrÿche- Empire
Queensrÿche- Operation: Mindcrime
Queensrÿche- Rage for Order
Queensrÿche- The Warning
Razor- Violent Restitution
Running Death- Overdrive
Saviour Machine- Saviour Machine I
Sepultura- Beneath the Remains
Shadow Gallery- Tyranny
Shatter Messiah- Never to Play the Servant
Slayer- Repentless
Sodom- Sodom
Stryper- Fallen
Tourniquet- Crawl to China
Tourniquet- Vanishing Lessons
Viking- No Child Left Behind
Voivod- Rrröööaaarrr
Voivod- War and Pain
Warrel Dane- Praises to the War Machine
Znöwhite- All Hail to Thee (EP)

Didn't do as bad as I thought:

2009 - 4
2010 - 56
2011 - 28
2012 - 52
2013 - 93
2014 - 82
2015 - 72
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PostSubject: Re: Post your 2015 Hauls   Fri Jan 01, 2016 12:34 pm

I might get round to a count up but my guess is way under a hundred all told. I'm just as much into music but considerably less into collecting.
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Metal is in my blood
Metal is in my blood

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PostSubject: Re: Post your 2015 Hauls   Fri Jan 01, 2016 8:43 pm

Quite abit here for me!

1. Celtic Legacy – The Lie Of The Land cd, 2014
2. Nocturnal Torment – They Come At Night cd, 2012
3. Olathia – Olathia cd, 2014
4. Ancient Dreams – MMXIII cd, 2013
5. White Witch – White Witch vinyl, 1972
6. Jethro Tull – Best Of vinyl, 1977
7. Acrassicuadia – Only The Dead See The End Of War cd, 2010
8. Hookers – It’s Midnight The Witching Hour cd, 2014
9. The Groundhogs – Crosscut Saw vinyl, 1974
10. Green Death – The Deathening vinyl, 2013
11. Lonewolf – Army Of The Damned vinyl, 2012
12. Horrorscope – Delicioushell cd, 2014
13. Tormentress – Operation Torment cd, 2014
14. Liquid Steel – Fire In The Sky cd, 2014
15. Flesh Engine – Purging Existence cd, 2014
16. Forevers Fallen Grace – Ascending The Monolith cd, 2015
17. Spitfire – Spitfire cd, 2014
18. Judas Priest – 5 Souls red vinyl 10”, 2014
19. White Witch – A Spiritual Greeting vinyl, 1975
20. Air Raid – Point Of Impact cd, 2014
21. Mortician – Shout For Heavy Metal cd, 2014
22. Beast – Dead Or Alive vinyl, 2013
23. Thunder Axe – Grinding The Steel cd, 2013
24. Alpha Tiger – Identity cd, 2014
25. Voices Of Destiny – Crisis Cult cd, 2014
26. Under Nights Cover – The March Of Avernus cd, 2014
27. Level 10 – Chapter One cd, 2015
28. Empire 21 – Empire 21 cd, 2014
29. Astralion – Astralion cd, 2014
30. Brainstorm – Honey From The B’s dvd, 2007
31. Dracula – Swing Of Death cd, 2015
32. Visigoth – The Revenant King cd, 2015
33. Pat Travers Band – Live From The Iridium cd, 2015
34. Uli Jon Roth – Scorpions Revisited cd, 2015 jap import
35. Messiah’s Kiss – Get Your Bulls Out cd, 2015
36. The Poynt – This Is American Royalty cd, 2014
37. Mortician – No War & More cd, 2009
38. Mortician – Mortician cd, 2011
39. Savage Master – Mask Of The Devil vinyl, 2014
40. Battle Beast – Unholy Savior vinyl, 2015
41. Born Of Fire – Dead Winter Sun vinyl, 2015
42. Warrant – Metal Bridge vinyl, 2014
43. Alpha Tiger – Lady Liberty vinyl, 2014
44. Cloven Hoof – Resist Or Serve vinyl, 2014
45. The Hookers – Blasted From The Caskets vinyl, 2012

46. Night Demon – Curse Of The Damned black, blue, orange vinyl, cd, 2015
47. Angelus Apartida – Hidden Evolution vinyl, 2015
48. Lords Of The Trident – Frostburn cd, 2015
49. Lords Of The Trident – Plan Of Attack cd, 2013
50. Ascendia – The Lion And The Jester cd, 2015
51. Serious Black – As Daylight Breaks cd, 2015
52. Wind Rose – Wardens Of The West Wind cd, 2015
53. Saxon – Sailing To America vinyl, 1984
54. Saxon – Nightmare vinyl, 1983
55. Night Demon – Night Demon black & white vinyl, cd, 2015
56. Jag Panzer – Tyrant vinyl, 1981
57. Jag Panzer – Chain Of Command orange vinyl, 2013
58. Ripper – The Dead Have Risen vinyl, 2014
59. Razzmattazz – Sons Of Guns, cd 2015
60. Blind Assassin – Put To The Sword cd, 2015
61. Kyrie Ellison – Untold Stories: The Scriptures Of Sadness cd, 2015
62. UFO – The Conspiracy Of Stars cd & vinyl, 2015
63. Salem’s Lott – s/t cd, 2014
64. Eclipse – Armageddonize cd, 2015
65. Nightmare – Cosmovision cd, 2013
66. Infinita Symphonia – s/t cd, 2013
67. Perseus – The Mystic Hands Of Fate cd, 2014
68. Phoenix Rising – MMXII, 2014
69. Reign Of Fury – Death Be Thy Shepherd cd, 2015
70. Europe – War Of Kings vinyl, 2015
71. Jorn – Symphonic vinyl, 2014
72. Iron Savior – Rise Of The Hero vinyl, 2014
73. Sinbreed – Shadows vinyl, 2014
74. Uriah Heep – Demons And Wizards cd, 2003
75. Kansas – Miracles Out Of Nowhere dvd, 2015
76. Pat Travers – Retro Rocket cd, 2015
77. The Answer – Raise A Little Hell cd, 2015
78. Toledo Steel – Zero Hour cd, 2015
79. Judicator – At The Expense Of Humanity cd, 2015
80. Evil Invaders – Pulses Of Pleasure vinyl,
81. Attick Demons – Atlantis cd, 2013
82. Maltese Falcon – II cd, 2014
83. Aska – Nine Tongues cd, 2013
84. Alltheniko – Back In 2066 cd, 2012
85. Metal Law – Lawbreaker cd, 2013
86. Space Vacation – Heart Attack cd, 2013
87. V.A. – New Found Power cd, 2004
88. Black N Blue – In Heat cd, 2013
89. Strikelight – Taste My Attack cd, 2013
90. Dark Angel – Live Scars cd, 1999
91. Skinflint – Dipoko cd, 2013
92. Rage – 21 cd, 2012
93. Ilium – My Misanthropia cd, 2015
94. Ruby The Hatchet – Valley Of The Snake vinyl, 2015
95. Uriah Heep – Demons And Wizards cd, 1974
96. Sonic Prophecy – Apocalyptic Promenade cd, 2015
97. Rush – 2112 hologram vinyl, 2015
98. Empires Of Eden – Architect Of Hope cd, 2015 (signed cover)
99. UDO – Decadent vinyl, 2015
100. Rocka Rollas – The Road To Destruction vinyl, 2015
101. Bad Boy – The Band That Made Milwaukee Famous vinyl, 1977
102. The Storyteller – Sacred Fire cd, 2014
103. Demolition Train – Unleash The Hordes cd, 2014
104. Axemaster – Overture To Madness cd, 2015
105. Pantommind – Searching For Eternity cd, 2015
106. Captain Beyond – Sufficiently Breathless cd, 1973
107. Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush – Live cd, 1978
108. Shewolf – Shewolf cd, 2015
109. Firewolfe – We Rule The Night cd, 2014
110. Black Magik – Providence cd, 2015
111. Patchwork – Exit Wounds cd, 2015
112. Enforcer – From Beyond cd, 2015
113. Jaded Star – Memories From The Future cd, 2015
114. Forgotten Suns – When Worlds Collide cd, 2015
115. Crypt Sermon – Out Of The Garden vinyl, 2015
116. Trauma – Rapture And Wrath cd, 2015
117. Resistance – Battle Scars cd, 2015
118. Sorcerer – In The Shadows Of The Inverted Cross cd, 2015
119. Smokescreen – Complete Works cd, 2015
120. Heathens Rage – Knights Of Steel-The Anthology cd, 2015
121. Revile – Revolution Isle cd, 2015
122. Mike Onesko’s Guitar Army – In The Name Of Rock N’ Roll cd, 2015
123. Rocka Rollas – Conquer cd, 2012
124. Roadhog – Dreamstealer cd, 2015
125. Weresquatch – Frozen Void cd, 2015
126. Interceptor – Wise Is The Beast cd, 2015
127. Cloven Altar – Cloven Altar cd, 2015
128. Desert – Never Regret cd, 2015
129. Lancer – Second Storm cd, 2015
130. Civil War – Gods & Generals vinyl cd, 2015
131. Huguenin – Where From Here cd, 2015
132. Moxy – 40 Years And Still Riding High cd, 2015
133. Moxy – Live In Toronto cd, 2015
134. Overlord SR – Still Standing cd, 2015
135. Moxy – 40 Years And Still Riding High 2cd/dvd, 2015
136. Trauma – Rapture And Wrath vinyl, 2015
137. Ruthless – They Rise vinyl, 2015
138. Molten Metal – Various Artists vinyl, 2015
139. Blade Killer – Blade Killer vinyl, 2013
140. Revenge – Harder Than Steel vinyl, 2014
141. Tysondog – Cry Havoc cd, 2015
142. Bachman – Heavy Blues cd, 2015
143. Raven – Extermination cd/lp, 2015
144. E-Force – Demonikhol cd, 2015
145. Sabaton – Heroes cd, 2015
146. Tanagra – None Of This Is Real cd, 2015
147. Ultra-Violence – Defect The Flow cd, 2015
148. Ranger – Where Evil Dwells cd, 2015
149. Kantation – Nephilim cd, 2015
150. Red Sky Mary – River Child cd, 2015
151. Worldview – The Chosen Few cd, 2015
152. Witchwood – Litanies From The Woods cd, 2015
153. Killer – Monsters Of Rock cd, 2015
154. Hammer King – Kingdom Of The Hammer King cd, 2015
155. Nazareth – Snaz – Full House vinyl, 1981
156. Moxy – Ridin High vinyl, 1975
157. UFO – Live In Japan vinyl, 1972
158. The Godz – The Godz vinyl, 1978
159. Saxon – The Eagle Has Landed Live vinyl, 1981
160. TT Quick – Metal Of Honor vinyl, 1986
161. Back Street Crawler – The Band Plays On vinyl, 1975
162. Golden Earring – Grab It For A Second vinyl, 1978
163. Mama’s Boys – Power And Passion vinyl, 1985
164. Earthshaker – Midnight Flight vinyl, 1984
165. Raven – Mad vinyl, 1986
166. Blackfoot – Marauder vinyl, 1981
167. Blackfoot – Flyin High vinyl, 1976
168. Blackfoot – Tomcattin’ vinyl, 1980
169. Angel City – Night Attack vinyl, 1982
170. TKO – In Your Face vinyl, 1984
171. April Wine – Stand Back vinyl, 1975
172. Crystal Ball – Liferider cd, 2015
173. Hollow Haze – Memories Of An Ancient Time cd, 2015
174. Savatage – Return To Wacken cd, 2015
175. Damnation Angels – A Valiant Fire cd, 2015
176. Squealer – The Circle Shuts cd, 2008
177. Labyrinth – Labyrinth cd, 2003
178. Into Eternity – The Incurable Tragedy cd, 2008
179. Dreamaker – Enclosed cd, 2005
180. Celesty – Mortal Mind Creation cd, 2006
181. Candlemass – Doomed For Live cd, 2005
182. Acid Empire – Acid Empire cd, 2005
183. Defyance – Reincarnation cd, 2015
184. Anuryzm – All Is Not For All cd, 2015
185. Blackwelder – Survival Of The Fittest cd, 2015
186. Burning Point – Burning Point cd, 2015
187. Iron Savior – Live In The Final Frontier cd, 2015
188. Stillwater – I Reserve The Right vinyl, 1978
189. Lord – What Tomorrow Brings cd, 2015
190. Carbon Black – Principium cd, 2013
191. Friar Rush – Alauda Sonare Suavis cd, 2006
192. Montrose – Warner Bros. Present vinyl, 1975
193. Lita Ford – Lita vinyl, 1988
194. Charlie Daniels Band – Fire On The Mountain vinyl, 1974
195. Detective – It Takes One To Know One vinyl, 1977
196. Blue Oyster Cult – On Your Feet, Or On Your Knees vinyl, 1975
197. Alan Parsons Project – I Robot vinyl, 1977
198. Nazareth – No Mean City vinyl, 1978 Mountain Records pressing
199. Nazareth – Razamanaz vinyl, 1973
200. Nazareth – Close Enough For Rock ’n’ Roll vinyl, 1976
201. The V – Now Or Never cd, 2015
202. The Dead Daisies – Revolucion cd, 2015
203. Blizzard Hunter – Heavy Metal To The Vein cd, 2015
204. Intrinsic – Distortion Of Perspective cd, 1990
205. Brainstorm – Firesoul vinyl, 2014
206. Prowler – From The Shadows cd, 2015
207. Symphony X – Underworld cd, 2015
208. Gus G – Brand New Revolution cd, 2015
209. Armed Cloud – Obsidian Desert cd, 2015
210. Borealis – Purgatory cd, 2015
211. Intrinsic – Intrinsic vinyl, 1987
212. Maid Of Mettle – Amulet cd, 2012
213. Maid Of Mettle – Rage Against The Darkness cd, 2015
214. Unleash The Archers – Time Stands Still cd, 2015
215. Jungle Rot – Order Shall Prevail cd, 2015
216. Infanteria – Where Serpents Conquer cd, 2015
217. Black Majesty – Cross Of Thorns cd, 2015
218. Royal Hunt – Devil’s Dozen cd, 2015
219. Motorhead – Bad Magic vinyl, 2015
220. True Metal Lives – The Hard Road To Hell cd, 2015
221. Diemonds – Never Wanna Die vinyl, 2015
222. Blazing Dog – Age Of The Beast cd/dvd, 2015
223. Iron Maiden – The Book Of Souls vinyl, 2015
224. Shadowkiller – Until The War Is Won cd, 2015
225. Scarlatyna – Till The End cd, 2011
226. Kill Ritual – Karma Machine cd, 2015
227. One Machine – The Final Cull cd, 2015
228. Masters Of Metal – From Worlds Beyond cd, 2015
229. Chaos Frame – Paths To Exile cd, 2015
230. Halloween – Victims Of The Night vinyl, 1997
231. Tad Morose – St. Demonius cd, 2015
232. Armored Saint – Win Hands Down cd, 2015
233. Armored Saint – Revelation cd, 2000
234. Annihilator – Suicide Society vinyl/cd, 2015
235. Stereo Nasty – Nasty By Nature cassette, 2015
236. Slayer – Repentless cd/dvd, 2015
237. Silent Knight - Conquer & Command cd, 2015
238. Kadavar – Berlin cd, 2015
239. Graveyard – Innocence & Decadence cd, 2015
240. Horisont – Odyssey cd, 2015
241. Gloryhammer – Space 1992: Rise Of The Chaos Wizards cd, 2015
242. Moxy And The Influence – MXI cd, 2015
243. Queensryche – Condition Human vinyl cd, 2015
244. Stryctnyne – Unfinished Business cd, 2015
245. Frank Marino – The Power Of Rock And Roll/Juggernaut cd, 1981/1982
246. Denner/Shermann – Satan’s Tomb cd, 2015
247. Simulacrum – Divided Sky cd, 2015
248. Metal Allegiance – Metal Allegiance cd, 2015
249. Shadowkiller – Until The War Is Won cd, 2015
250. Huntress – Static vinyl, 2015
251. Christian Mistress – To Your Death vinyl, 2015
252. Preyer – Terminator cd, 2015
253. Intrinsic – Nails cd, 2015
254. Exises – Exises cd, 2015
255. Enertia – Victim Of Thought 2 cd, 2015
256. Powermad – Infinite cd, 2015
257. WASP – Golgotha cd & 7” metal box vinyl, 2015
258. A Sound Of Thunder – Tales From The Deadside vinyl cd, 2015
259. Iron Maiden – The Book Of Souls limited book edition, 2015
260. Vanlade – Rage Of The Gods cd, 2015
261. Silent Knight – Conquer And Command cd, 2015
262. Saxon – Rock The Nations vinyl, 2015 re-issue
263. Saxon – The Power And Glory vinyl, 2015 re-issue
264. Evil Army – Violence And War vinyl, 2015
265. Deathstorm – As Death Awakes vinyl, 2013
266. Grave Digger – Exhumation: The Early Years vinyl, 2015
267. Saxon – Battering Ram vinyl, 2015
268. Rebellion – The History Of The Saxons cd, 2015
269. Death Dealer – Hallowed Ground cd, 2015
270. Grave Digger – Exhumation: The Early Years cd, 2015
271. Malice – Triumph And Glory cd, 2012
272. Prowler – From The Shadows cassette, 2015
273. Stereo Nasty – Nasty By Nature cd, 2015
274. Cloven Altar – Demon Of The Night cd, 2015
275. Blazon Stone – No Sign Of Glory cd, 2015
276. Rocka Rollas – Pagan Ritual cd, 2015
277. Breitenhold – The Inn Of Sorrowing Souls cd, 2015
278. Iron Maiden – The Book Of Souls cd, 2015
279. Cage – Ancient Evil cd, 2015
280. Angel – On Earth As It Is In Heaven vinyl, 1977
281. The Sweet – Desolation Boulevard vinyl, 1973
282. Diamond Rexx – Land Of The Damned vinyl, 1986
283. Queensryche – Queensryche vinyl, 1982
284. Prism – Armageddon vinyl, 1979
285. Saxon – Destiny vinyl, 1988
286. Saxon – Rock The Nation vinyl, 1986 (original)
287. Pat Benatar - Wide Awake In Dreamland vinyl, 1988 (promo white castle)
288. Skylark – After The Storm cd, 1997
289. Karna Diabolic- Soundtrack For My Nightmares cd, 2004
290. Tribute To Mercyful Fate – Unholy Sounds Of The Demon Bells cd, 1999
291. Deep Purple – The Best Of Deep Purple cd, 1988
292. Tarrga – Lost & Archives Vol. 1 cd, 1987
293. Tarrga – Lost & Archives Vol. 2 cd, 1988
294. Scelerata – Darkness & Light cd, 2006 (Japanese import)
295. Helltown – Lead To Hell cd, 2006
296. Algebra – Polymorph Procreation cd, 2013
297. Angra – Holy Line cd, 1998
298. Ground Control – Insanity cd, 2006
299. Hatework – The Actual Worst Has Come cd, 2007
300. Litany – Aphesis: The Sapience Of Dying cd, 2008
301. Svartby – Riv, Hugg Och Bit cd, 2009
302. Riverge – Rebirth Of Skull cd, 2009
303. Twilight Messenger – The World Below cd, 2014
304. Stutz – Keep Runnin’ cd, 2012
305. Stutz – Killer cd, 2012
306. Stutz – Marching Into Hell cd, 2012
307. Red Wine – Hijos Del Desperter cd, 2001
308. Damien Thorne – End Of The Game cd, 2012
309. Elliott’s Keep – In Medias Res cd, 2008
310. Las Cruces – Dusk cd, 2009
311. Wo Fat – Psychedelonaut cd, 2008
312. Final Sign – Hold High The Flame cd, 2015
313. Babe Ruth – Best of vinyl, 1976
314. Reverence – Gods Of War cd, 2015
315. Podipto – Podipto vinyl, 1973
316. Millennial Reign – Carry The Fire cd, 2015
317. Point Blank – American Excess vinyl, 1981
318. Babe Ruth – First Base vinyl, 1972
319. Montrose – Montrose vinyl, 1974
320. Iced Earth – The Dark Saga vinyl, 2015 re-issue
321. Iced Earth – Night of The Stormrider vinyl, 2015 re-issue
322. Iced Earth – Iced Earth vinyl, 2015 re-issue
323. Iced Earth – Burnt Offerings vinyl, 2015 re-issue
324. Eldritch – Underlying Issues cd, 2015
325. Sailing To Nowhere – To The Unknown cd, 2015
326. Signum Regis – Chapter IV: The Reckoning cd, 2015

327. Hatchet – Fear Beyond Lunacy cd, 2015
328. Triddana – The Power & The Will cd, 2015
329. Zephaniah – Reforged cd, 2015
330. Tank – War Machine vinyl, 2015
331. Savage Master – Black Hooves 7” vinyl, 2015
332. Division Speed – Blazing Heat 7” vinyl, 2015
333. Power Theory – Driven By Fear cd, 2015
334. Tommy Bolin – Captured Raw cd, 2013

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PostSubject: Re: Post your 2015 Hauls   Sat Jan 02, 2016 2:07 pm

Boris2008 wrote:
I might get round to a count up but my guess is way under a hundred all told. I'm just as much into music but considerably less into collecting.

Yeah, as ever, that estimate was too low but 148 is about half what I've bought the past couple of years

Acero Letal - Duro Metal 7" vinyl
Slayer - South of Heaven (replacement for beat up copy) vinyl
ABBA - Arrival (vinyl)
ABBA - Super Trouper (vinyl)
ABBA - The Album (vinyl)
ABBA - The Visitors (vinyl)
ABBA - Voulez Vous (vinyl)
Abyssion - Luonnon harmonia ja vihreä liekki (vinyl)
Agalloch - The Mantle (clr vinyl)
Agalloch - The Serpent & the Sphere (Blk vinyl)
Armored Saint - March of the Saint (vinyl)
Atomikylä - Erkale (green vinyl)
Bat - Primitive Age (vinyl)
Bathory - Blood Fire Death (pic disc)
Bathory - The Return (pic disc)
Bathory - The Return (vinyl)
Bathory - Under the Sign (pic disc)
Bathsheba  - The Sleepless Gods (vinyl)
Blues Pills - Live (blue vinyl)
Brownout - Presents Brown Sabbath (Brown vinyl)
Christian Mistress - To Your Death (Gold/White merge vinyl w/flexi)
Crypt Sermon - Out of the Garden (Gold Vinyl)
Curved Air - Airconditioning (vinyl)
Deep Purple - Perfect strangers (vinyl)
Der Weg einer Freiheit - Stellar (blue vinyl with bonus 7")
Devin Townsend Project - Addicted (Red Vinyl)
Downfall of Nur - Umbras de Barbagia (CD)
Dreadnought - Bridging Realms (Vinyl)
Edgar Froese - Ages (vinyl)
Edgar Froese - Aqua (vinyl)
Edgar Froese - Stuntman (vinyl)
E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr / Hisko Detria - Split
Enslaved - In Time (vinyl, signed)
Gate of Slumber - Hymns of Blood & Thunder (clr vinyl)
Germ - Grief (vinyl)
Germ - Loss (vinyl)
Germ - Wish (vinyl)
Ghost - Meloria (Clear vinyl)
Ghost - Meloria (Deluxe vinyl box)
Griftegard - The Four Horsemen EP (vinyl)
Grim Reaper - See You in Hell (Vinyl)
Hail Spirit Noir - Oi Magoi (red vinyl)
Heavydeath - Eternal Sleepwaker (vinyl)
Hellbastard - Heading for Eternal Darkness (vinyl)
Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (vinyl)
Jess & the Ancient Ones - Second Psychadelic Coming, the Aquarius Tapes
Jess & the Ancient Ones/Deadmask split 7" blk vinyl
Judas Priest - Redeemer of Souls (Vinyl)
Judas Priest - Sin After Sin (vinyl)
Kvelertak- Meir (vinyl)
La Femme - Psycho Tropical Berlin (vinyl)
Ludichrist - Powertrip (vinyl)
Make - Trephine (White/Black splatter vinyl)
Maltese Falcon - Metal Rush (vinyl)
Mamas Boys - Power & the Passion (pic disc)
Mania - Wizard of the Lost Kingdom (vinyl)
Megadeth - United Abominations (vinyl)
Metal Killers - Comp featuring Sabbath, UFO, Priest, Diamond Head, Accept, Twisted Sister, Tygers of Pan Tang, Nazareth & Quartz(vinyl)
Midnight Malice - Proving Grounds (Jap CD)
Moaning Cities - Pathway to the Sail (vinyl & CD)
Mother's Finest - Another Mother Further (vinyl)
Motorhead - Bad Magic (Box Set)
Murg - Varg & Bjorn (CD)
Napalm- Cruel Tranquility (vinyl)
Night Demon - Curse of the Damned (vinyl & CD)
Noun - Noun (vinyl)
Noun - Throw Your Body on the Gears and Stop the Machine With Your Blood (vinyl)
Novella - Land (vinyl)
Orchid - Sign of the Witch (silver vinyl)
Pat Travers Band - Snortin Whiskey EP (this EP features both Tommy Aldridge and Nicko McBrain on drums on different tracks) (vinyl)
Porcelain Moon - As it Were Here and There (CD)
Ruby the Hatchet - Aurum (vinyl)
Prestige - Attack Against Gnomes (vinyl)
Purson - In the Meantime (Test pressing ltd 20 copies)
Raven - Stay Hard (vinyl)
Reckless - Reckless (vinyl)
Riot - Fire Down Under (vinyl)
Ruby the Hatchet - Valley of the Snake (bone coloured vinyl)
S.A.D.O - Circle of friends (vinyl)
Sacred Reich - Surf Nicaragua (vinyl)
Saor - Roots & Aura (Die Hard Gold vinyl bundle c/w assorted goodies)
Screamer - Adrenaline Distractions (vinyl)
Screaming Females - Castle Talk (vinyl)
Screaming Females - Rose Mountain (vinyl)
Screaming Females - Ugly (vinyl)
Seremonia - Kristalliarkki (clr vinyl)
Seremonia: Hasiskultti 7" vinyl
Shining - IX Everyone, Everything, Everywhere Ends (Red/black marble vinyl)
Shrapnel - The Virus Conspires (vinyl)
Sign of the Jackal - Night of the Undead (vinyl)
Skeletonwitch -  Breathing the Fire (vinyl)
Slayer - Live Undead (expanded vinyl)
Sortilege - Metamorphose (Vinyl)
Spiritualized - Amazing Grace (vinyl)
Stallion - Rise & Ride (yellow vinyl)
Stars that Move - Stars that Move (CD)
Subrosa - No Help For the Mighty Ones (Clear Vinyl)
Sword - Sweet Dreams (vinyl)
Tangerine Dream - Atem (vinyl)
Tangerine Dream - Cyclone (vinyl)
Tangerine Dream - Encore (vinyl)
Tangerine Dream - Exit (vinyl)
Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure (vinyl)
Tangerine Dream - Lily on the Beach (vinyl)
Tangerine Dream - Melrose (vinyl)
Tangerine Dream - Miracle Mile (vinyl)
Tangerine Dream - Optical Race (vinyl)
Tangerine Dream - Phaedra (vinyl)
Tangerine Dream - Richochet (vinyl)
Tangerine Dream - Rockoon (vinyl)
Tangerine Dream - Rubycon (vinyl)
Tangerine Dream - Stratosfear (vinyl)
Tangerine Dream - The Best Of (vinyl) 
Tangerine Dream - Zeit (vinyl)
Ted Nugent & the Amboy Dukes - Survival of the Fittest Live. (vinyl)
The Black Wizards - Lake of Fire (CD)
The Exploding Eyes Orchestra - I
The Indelicates - American Demo (vinyl)
Toxic Shock - Change from Reality (Vinyl)
Travellin Jack - Madness (7" vinyl)
Tygers 0f Pan Tang - Best of (vinyl)
Tygers 0f Pan Tang - Burning in the shade (vinyl)
Tygers 0f Pan Tang - Spellbound (vinyl with signed poster)
Tygers 0f Pan Tang - The Cage (vinyl)
Tygers 0f Pan Tang - The Wreck Age (vinyl)
Tygers 0f Pan Tang - Wild Cat (vinyl)
Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats - The Night Creeper (red/black splatter die hard) 
Wheel - Icarus (vinyl)
Windhand - Griefs Eternal Flower (vinyl)
Wolves in the Throne Room - Diadem of Twelve Stars (vinyl)
Zuriaake - Gu Yan (CD)
Sivij Yar - Burial Shrouds (CD)
Ninkharsag - The Blood of Celestial Kings (CD)
Spleen - Avoid the Light (CD)
Lewis & the Strange Magics -Velvet Skin (vinyl & CD)
Mesarthim - Isolate (CD)
Antlers - A Gase into the Abyss (vinyl)
Celtic Frost - Into the Pandemonium (U.S vinyl)
Demon Eye - Tempora Infernalia (vinyl)
Gorgoroth - Instinctus Bestialis (pic disc)
Eternal Valley - Ascend to the Unknown (cassette)
Bathsheba - MMXIV (cassette)
Ethereal Shroud - They Bacame the Falling Ash (CD)
In Cauda Venenum - S/T (CD)
Strapping Yound Lad - Alien (vinyl)
Mercyful Fate - Don't Break the Oath (vinyl)
Witchwood - Litanies From the Woods (vinyl)
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the sentinel
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PostSubject: Re: Post your 2015 Hauls   Sat Jan 02, 2016 7:49 pm

I didn't keep track of exactly what I purchased but a rough estimate of 100 or so CD's is probably about right. That is far lower than 2014 I am sure. First full year with a mortgage and all.
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mini boss
mini boss

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PostSubject: Re: Post your 2015 Hauls   Sun Jan 03, 2016 3:20 pm

This year was biggest haul I ever had in terms of buying music thanks to a sale of boxes of random CD's at an estate sale, cheap sales at flea markets, and Goodwill.

Accept- Breaker
Accept- I'm Rebel
Accept-Playlist: Best of Accept
AC/DC-Rock n Roll Will Never Die ( bootleg- live 1978-79)
AC/DC- The Fly is Rockin' ( bootleg- Live 1985)
Bryan Adams- Cuts Like a Knife
Bryan Adams- Reckless
Aerosmith- Live in the USA ( bootleg- live 1987)
Aerosmith-Laid Back and F**k Off ( live in 1974)
Aerosmith- Live in Japan 2004 (bootleg)
Aerosmith- Alive in 1983
Alcatrazz- No Parole from Rock n Roll
Alcatrazz- Live Sentence
Alice in Chains-Nothing is Safe: Best of the Box
Alice In Chains- Greatest Hits
Alice In Chains- The Devil Put the Dinosaurs Here
Anthrax- Fistful of Metal
Anthrax- Armed and Dangerous
Anthrax- Anthology: No Hit Wonders
Bad Company- Straight Shooter ( replacing vinyl copy)
Bad Company- Live in the UK: April 1, 2010 Wembley
Bash and Pop-Friday Night Is Killing Me
The Beat- You Just Can't Beat It: the best of the Beat
The Beatles- Revolver ( replacing vinyl copy)
Jeff Beck- With the Jan Hammer Group Live
Jeff Beck- There and Back
Jeff Beck- Guitar Shop
Pat Benatar- Precious Time
Pat Benatar- Seven the Hard Way
Steven Jesse Bernstein-Prison
Bitch- Be My Slave
Bitch- The Bitch is Back
Black Crowes- By Your Side
Black Flag- Slip It In
Black Sabbath- Asbury Park, NJ ( bootleg- live 1975)
Blue Oyster Cult- Tyranny and Mutation
Blue Oyster Cult- Secret Treaties
Blue Oyster Cult- On Your Feet or On Your Knees
Blue Oyster Cult- Extraterrestrial Live
Blue Oyster Cult- Mirrors
Bomb- Hate Fed Love
Bon Jovi- 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong
Bon Jovi- Burning Bridges
Jon Bon Jovi- Blaze of Glory
Lizzy Borden- Best of Lizzy Borden
David Bowie- Heroes
David Bowie- Tonight
Candlemass- Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
Candlemass- Nightfall
Johnny Cash- At Folsom Prison
Cement- The Man with the Action Hair
Cheap Trick-s/t
The Clash- From Here to Eternity
George Clinton and the P Funk All Stars- T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M
Alice Cooper- Theatre of Death (CD/DVD)
Alice Cooper- Raise the Dead (CD/DVD)
Alice Cooper- No More Mr Nice Guy: Live at Wacken
Alice Cooper-Champions of the Lunatic Fringe (bootleg 1972)
Alice Cooper-Live in Germany 1972 ( bootleg)
Alice Cooper-Special Forces in New Jersey (bootleg 1981)
Coheed and Cambria- Good Apollo: I'm Burning Star IV: Volume 1
Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie's Brains- The Big Eyeball in the Sky
Cradle of Filth-Cruelty and the Beast
Cream- Wheels of Fire
Cream- Goodbye
Crosby Stills, Nash, and Young- So Far
Cherie Currie- Beauty's Only Skin Deep
Death- Scream Bloody Gore
Death- Leprosy
Deep Purple- Paris 1975
Deep Purple- Copenhagen 1972
Deep Purple- Graz 1975
Deep Purple- The Battle ( bootleg 1993)
Desperado- Ace
Bruce Dickinson- Tattooed Millionaire
Paul D'ianno's Battlezone- Fighting Back
Paul D'ianno's Battlezone- Children of Madness
The D4- 6twenty
Dokken-The Anthems
The Doors- Other Voices
The Doors- Full Circle
The Doors- No One Here Gets Out Alive (boxset)
The Doors- Miami 1969 ( bootleg)
Dragonforce- Inhuman Rampage
Duran Duran- Seven and the Ragged Tiger
Bob Dylan-Bringing it All Back Home
Bob Dylan-Another Side of Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan- Desire
Bob Dylan- Slow Train Comin'
Bob Dylan- Empire Burlesque
Bob Dylan- Bootleg Series Vol 6- Live 964
Bob Dylan- Dylan
Bob Dylan- Tempest
Bob Dylan- Shadows of the Night
Bob Dylan-Bootleg Series vol 11- The Basement Tapes Raw
Fates Warning-Awaken the Guardian
The Firm- Mean Business
Fleetwood Mac-Mystery to Me
Fleetwood Mac- Tusk
Foreigner-Best of Foreigner 4 and More
Fudge Tunnel-Creep Dists
Gamma Ray- Land of the Free
Girlschool- The Collection
Girls Against Boys- Cruise Yourself
The Go- Go's- Beauty and the Beat
Lou Gramm- ready or Not
Grand Funk Railroad- Live Album
Green Day- UNO
Sammy Hagar-s/t
Halford- Live: Insurrection
Halford- Metal Gods Essential Vol 1
Steve Harris- British Lion
Jimi Hendrix- Cry Of Love
Jimi Hendrix- Rainbow Bridge
Jimi Hendrix- Loose Ends
Jimi Hendrix- Midnight Lighting
Jimi Hendrix-Blue Wild Angel (deluxe edition)
Jimi Hendrix- Winterland ( single disc edition)
Jimi Hendrix- Freedom: Atlanta Pop Festival
Jimi Hendrix- The L.A, Forum Concert (bootleg)
Hindu Love Gods-s/t
Iced Earth- Something Wicked This Way Comes
Inxs- Listen Like Thieves
Iron Buttefly- Heavy
Iron Maiden-Maiden Japan (bootleg)
Iron Maiden- Ed Hunter
Iron Maiden- Live at Donington
Iron Maiden-Edward the Great
Iron Maiden- Death on the Road
Iron Maiden-Flight 666
Jethro Tull- War Child
Brian Jones- The Pipes at pan at Jajouka
Danko Jones-s/t
Mick Jones-s/t
Janis Joplin- Big Brother and the Holding Company
Janis Joplin- Cheap Thrills
Janis Joplin- I Got dem Kozmic Blues
BB King/Eric Clapton- Riding with the King
KISS-Love Gun ( deluxe edition)
KISS- 10th anniversary Tour (bootleg)
KISS- If Its Too Loud You're Too Old (bootleg)
KISS- All shook Up in San Fransisco (bootleg)
KISS- Destroys Anaheim 8/20/76 (bootleg)
Lenny Kravitz- Are You Gonna Go My Way
Robby Krieger- Singularity
Robby Krieger-Organzation: RKO Live

will continue again soon
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mini boss
mini boss

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PostSubject: Re: Post your 2015 Hauls   Sun Jan 03, 2016 4:47 pm

and it continues:

Lard- The Last Temptation of Reid
Led Zeppelin - Blueberry Hill (bootleg)
John Lennon- Imagine
Julien Lennon- Valotte
Living Colour- Everything is Possible: The Very Best of Living Colour
Courtney Love- America's Sweetheart
Yngwie Malmsteen- Perceptual Flame
Ray Manzarek- The Golden Scarab
Ray Manzarek- The Whole Thing Started with Rock n Roll...
Ray Manzarek- Carmina Burana
Mayhem- De Mysteriis Dom Satanas
Paul McCartney- McCartney
Paul McCartney- Run Devil Run
Duff McKagan's Loaded- The Taking
Meat Loaf- Bad Attitude
Men at Work-Business as Usual
Meshuggah- Contradictions Collapse and None
Metallica- Live at Grimey's
Metallica- Through the Never
Morbid Angel- Abominations of Desolation
Morbid Angel- Gateway to Annihilate
Motorhead- Aftershock
Neurotic Outsiders-s/t
The New Basement Tapes-Lost on the River
New York Dolls- Too Much Too Soon
Vince Neil- Carved in Stone
Stevie Nicks- 24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault
Night Ranger- Dawn Patrol
Night Ranger- Midnight Madness
Aldo Nova-s/t
Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes- Tooth, Fang and Claw
Ted Nugent- Scream Dream
Ted Nugent- The Essential Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent- Love Grenade
Eddie Ojeda- Axes 2 Axes
Ozzy Osbourne- Diary of a Madman ( Deluxe Edition)
Ozzy Osbourne- Scream
Ozzy Osbourne- Blizzard of Touth (bootleg)
Overkill- The Years of Decay
@ Perfect Circle-Mer De Noms
Paramore- Riot
Pink Floyd- Animals
Poison- Seven Days Live
Iggy Pop- TV Eye Live
Iggy Pop- Party
Iggy Pop- Solider
Iggy Pop- Zombie Birdhouse
Iggy Pop-Roadkill Risin': The Bootleg Collection
Pride and Glory-s/t
Prong- Rude Awakening
Quiet Riot- US Festival May 29, 1983 ( CD/DVD)

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mini boss
mini boss

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PostSubject: Re: Post your 2015 Hauls   Sun Jan 03, 2016 5:02 pm

and it continues:

Rainbow- Live in Dusseldorf 1976
Rainbow- Live Over Chicago (bootleg 1979)
Mick Ralphs- An Introduction..
Rancid- Let's Go
Ratt- Madness in the World (bootleg)
Red Hot Chili Peppers- By the Way
Noel Redding- The Experience Sessions
Lou Reed/Metallica- Lulu
Keith Richards- Vintage Vinos
Rock Goddess- Hell Hath No Fury
Paul Rodgers- Cut Loose
The Rolling Stones- December's Children ( and everybody else's)
The Rolling Stones- Aftermath (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones- Hightide and Green Grass
The Rolling Stones- Flowers
The Rolling Stones- Sticky Fingers ( deluxe edition)
The Rolling Stones- Exile on Main St. -Rarities
The Rolling Stones- Its Only Rock n Roll
The Rolling Stones- Some Girls ( deluxe edition)
The Rolling Stones- Made in the Shade
The Rolling Stones- Still Life
The Rolling Stones- Brussels Affair (bootleg)
Rush- Different Stages
Rush- Chronicles
Rush- Feedback
Rush- Working Men
Saxon- Strong Arm of the Law
Scandal featuring Patty Smyth- Warrior
Scorpions- Live Bites
Sepultura- Roots
Frank Sinatra-Greatest Hits
Smashing Pumpkins- Zeitgeist

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mini boss
mini boss

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PostSubject: Re: Post your 2015 Hauls   Sun Jan 03, 2016 5:26 pm

and it continues:

Slash-s/t ( deluxe edition)
Slash- Apocalyptic Love
Spinal Tap- Back from the Dead
Bruce Springsteen- Greetings from Asbury Park
Bruce Springsteen- the Wild, the Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle
Bruce Springsteen- Born in the USA
Bruce Springsteen- the Essential
Bruce Springsteen- Working on a Dream
Rod Stewart- Absolutely Live
The Sundays- Blind
Survivor- Vital Signs
Talking Heads- Remain in the Light
Testament- Legacy
Therion- Theli
Thin Lizzy- Johnny the Fox
Thin Lizzy- Night Life
Thin Lizzy- Thunder and Lighting
Thin Lizzy- Renegade
Thin Lizzy- Life Live
Thin Lizzy- Black Rose
Richard and Linda Thompson- Shoot Out the Lights
Thunder- Best of Thunder 1989-1995
Thunder- Live at the Brooklyn Bridge Bowl, London
Pete Townshend- White City
Pete Townshend- CoolWalkingtalking: the best of Pete Townshend
Traveling Wilburys- Volume 1
T. Rex- Dandy in the Underworld
T. Rex- Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow
T. Rex- Great Hits- The A Sides 1972-1977
The Tubes-s/t
Joe Lynn Turner- Live in Germany
Twisted Sister- Under the Blade (CD/DVD)
Twisted Sister-Love is for Suckers
Twisted Sister- Club Daze Vol. II
Twisted Sister- Still Hungry
Twisted Sister- A Very Twisted Christmas
UDO- Best of UDO
Van Halen- Runnin' With Fire (bootleg live 1984)
Van Halen- Live First UK Invasion ( live bootleg 1978)
Van Halen- Tokyo Dome
Roger Waters- In the Flesh
Roger Waters- CA IRA
Whitesnake- Starkers in Tokyo
The Who- Sings My Generation
The Who- Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy
The Who- The Kids Are Alright
The Who-Who's Last
Brian Wilson-s/t
Wishbone Ash- Argus
Bill Wyman- Monkey Grip
Yesterday and Today- Struck Down
Y & T- Best of Y & T 1981- 1985
Neil Young- Ragged Glory
Neil Young- Weld
Neil Young- Arc

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mini boss
mini boss

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PostSubject: Re: Post your 2015 Hauls   Sun Jan 03, 2016 5:44 pm

and music DVD's

Aerosmith- Hollywood Rocks ( bootleg)
Aerosmith- Yokohama Kokousai 2004 ( bootleg)
Aerosmith- Countdown to Osaka (bootleg)
Alice In Chains- Music Bank
Bad Company- Hard Rock Live ( blu-ray/CD)
The Beatles- A Hard Day's Night
Jeff Beck- Live in New York Guitar Cyclone (bootleg)
David Bowie- Sound and Vision over Tokyo (bootleg)
Alice Cooper- Superduper Alice
Alice Cooper- Bonnaroo 2012 (bootleg)
Counting Crows- August and Everything After Live
Deep Purple- Phoenix Rising
Deep Purple- Perfect Strangers Live
The Doors: Jim Morrison: the Last 24
The Doors- Storytellers
The Doors- Mr Mojo Risin': the Story of L.A. Woman
The Doors- Classic Albums
The Doors- R-evolution
The Doors- Feast of Friends
Guns n Roses- Appetite for Democracy
Guns n Roses- welcome to the Videos
Guns n Roses- 02 Arena London (bootleg)
Iron Maiden- Maiden England
Iron Maiden- Rock in Rio
Iron Maiden- Death on the Road
Jimi Hendrix-Roomful Of Hendrix (bootleg)
Jimi Hendrix- Swedish Erotica (bootleg)
Mick Jagger- Being Mick
Led Zeppelin- Kingdom Come (bootleg)
Metallica- Boonaroo Music and Arts Festival (bootleg)
Metallica- Quebec Magnetic
Metallica- Cliff 'em All
Metallica- Woodstock '99 (bootleg)
Ted Nugent- New Year's Whiplash Bash (bootleg)
Pin Floyd- Delicate Sound of Thunder (bootleg)
Poison- Seven Days Live
The Rolling Stones-Sweet Summer Sun
The Rolling Stones- Japan Tour '95 (bootleg)
David Lee Roth- Detroit 1986 (bootleg)
David Lee Roth- The Montreal Forum 11/1/86 (bootleg)
Sex Pistols- Never Mind the Sex Pistols (bootleg)
Thin Lizzy- Are You ready?
Twisted Sister- A Very Twisted Christmas Live
U2- Boy Group 10/04/81 (bootleg)
Velvet Revolver- Live in Houston
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the sentinel
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PostSubject: Re: Post your 2015 Hauls   Sun Jan 03, 2016 8:33 pm

Lots of great stuff in there, manny. headbanger
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Fat Freddy
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Lord of all PBR's

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PostSubject: Re: Post your 2015 Hauls   Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:56 am

Looks like Manny, Wargod and Eyesore win this year. (bows down)

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PostSubject: Re: Post your 2015 Hauls   Fri Jan 15, 2016 11:17 am

Here's what I got in 2015...

AC/DC - Rock or Bust
Admiral Black - Blood & Fire
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Check 'Em Before You Wreck 'Em
Allman Brothers - Stand Back: The Anthology
The Answer - Raise a Little Hell (2-disc Special Edition)
Anthrax - Live: The Island Years
Armored Saint - Win Hands Down
Art of Anarchy - s/t
Artch - Another Return
Atomic B*tchwax - Gravitron
Axxion - Wild Racer
Sebastian Bach - Bring 'Em Bach Alive!
Beasto Blanco - Live Fast, Die Loud
Jeff Beck - Rock 'n' Roll Party: Honoring Les Paul
Black Rose - Loveshock
Black Star Riders - Killer Instinct (2-disc deluxe version)
Black Stone Cherry - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Black Stone Cherry - Magic Mountain (w/2 bonus tracks)
Black Trip - Goin' Under
Black Trip - Shadowline
Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane - s/t
Paul Butterfield - The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Paul Butterfield - East-West
Paul Butterfield - The Original Lost Elektra Sessions
Candlemass - Dactylis Glomerata /Abstrakt Algebra II
Candlemass - Psalms for the Dead
Carousel - 2113
Christian Mistress - To Your Death
Circus Diablo - s/t
Cloven Hoof - Resist or Serve
Confess - Jail
Alice Cooper - Muscle of Love
Alice Cooper - Hollywood Vampires
C.O.C. - Corrosion of Conformity (w/ 2 bonus tracks)
C.O.C. - IX
Crows - The Dying Race
D:A:D - Standin' On The Never Never
D:A:D - Call of the Wild
D:A:D - DAD Draws a Circle
D:A:D - No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims
D:A:D - Riskin' It All
D:A:D - Helpyourselfish
D:A:D - Simpatico
D:A:D - Everything Glows
D:A:D - Soft Dogs
D:A:D - Scare Yourself
D:A:D - Monster Philosophy
D:A:D - Behind the Seen / The Overmuch Box
D:A:D - DIC·NII·LAN·DAFT·ERD·ARK (deluxe 2-cd edition)
DAM - Human Wreckage
DAM - Inside Out
Damned Things - Ironiclast
Danzig - Skeletons
Death Penalty - s/t
Deep Machine - Rise of the Machine
Deep Purple - Burn
Def Leppard - Pyromania
Diamond Head - Am I Evil? The Diamond Head Anthology
Diamond Lil - s/t
Dokken - Beast from the East
Dokken - Erase the Slate
Don Dokken - Up From The Ashes
Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn of Events
Dynamite - Blackout Station
Elf - Elf
Enforcer - From Beyond
Eradikator - Dystopia
Famous Monsters - In The Night!!!
Fast Kutz - Burnin'
Fearless Fly - Collapse of Stars
Flamin' Groovies - Teenage Head
Forbidden - Omega Wave
Fozzy - s/t
The Fratellis - Costello Music
Free - Best of Free
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Chasing Yesterday
Ghost - Meliora
Billy Gibbons - Perfectamundo
Paul Gilbert - Vibrato
Goat Horn - Storming the Gates
The Gracious Few - s/t
The Graveyard Train - s/t
Graviators - Evil Deeds
Graviators - Motherload
Great White - s/t
Great White - Back to the Rhythm
Grant Green - Green Street
Grant Green - Idle Moments
Grim Reaper - See You In Hell / Fear No Evil
Gross Reality - Overthrow
Vince Guaraldi - The Definitive Vince Guaraldi
Guns n' Roses - New York, New York: Live at the Ritz 1988
Hair of the Dog - s/t
Stuart Hamm - The Urge
Hardcore Superstar - Hardcore Superstar: Reloaded (w/3 bonus tracks)
Hardcore Superstar - Dreamin' In A Casket: Reloaded (w/3 bonus tracks)
Hardcore Superstar - HCSS
Heart - The Road Home
The Rev. Horton Heat - Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em
The Rev. Horton Heat - The Full-Custom Gospel Sounds of…
The Rev. Horton Heat - Lucky 7
The Rev. Horton Heat - Revival (cd / dvd)
Hellion - Will Not Go Quietly
Hey! Hello! - s/t
High Spirits - You Are Here
Highway Chile - Storybook Heroes / For the Wild and Lonely ep
Horisont - Odyssey
In Solitude - s/t
Iron Maiden - The Book of Souls (Deluxe hardbound ed.)
Jet - Shine On
Jethro Tull - The Jethro Tull Christmas Album
Kadavar - Berlin (w/bonus track)
Kansas - The Best of Kansas
Killers - Murder One
Lady Beast - s/t
Leadfoot - Take A Look
Legend - Anthology
Huey Lewis - Sports
Huey Lewis - Fore!
Jerry Lee Lewis - 18 Original Sun Greatest Hits
Little Richard - The Very Best of...Little Richard
The Lost - s/t
Los Straightjackets - Tis the Season for Los Straitjackets!
Machine Head - The Blackening
Dean Martin - Christmas with Dino
Imelda May - Love Tattoo
Imelda May - Mayhem
Imelda May - Tribal
Megadeth - That One Night: Live in Buenos Aires
Metallica - Live Shit: Binge & Purge 3-cd set
Metallica - S&M
Midnight Chaser - Rough and Tough
Monster Magnet - Milking the Stars: A Re-Imagining of Last Patrol
Gary Moore - Back to the Blues
Mothership - II
Mother Superior - Three Headed Dog
Motorhead - XXXX: Bad Magic
Motor Sister - Ride
MSG - Essential Michael Schenker Group
Vince Neil - Exposed
Night Demon - Curse of the Damned (w/bonus track)
Night Flight Orchestra - Internal Affairs
Night Flight Orchestra - Skyline Whispers
Noisehunter - Spell of Noise
Nuclear Assault - Game Over / The Plague ep
Orange Goblin - Back from the Abyss
Roy Orbinson - The All-Time Greatest Hits of Roy Orbinson
Orchid - Sign of the Witch ep
Ozzy - Under Cover
Outlaw Blood - s/t
Pearl - Little Immaculate White Fox
Joe Perry - Joe Perry's Merry Christmas ep
Pink Cream 69 - One Size Fits All
Pyn Siren - Slave To Your Master
Queen - Deep Cuts Volume 1 (1973-1976)
Queen - Deep Cuts Volume 2 (1977-1982)
Queensryche - Promised Land
Queensryche - Condition Hüman
Radio Active Cats - s/t
Raven - ExtermiNation (w/bonus track)
Raven - Party Killers (limited edition of 500)
Red Lamb - s/t
The Replacements - Sorry Ma, I Forgot To Take Out The Trash
The Replacements - Stink e.p.
The Replacements - Hootenanny
The Replacements - Let It Be
The Replacements - Tim
The Replacements - Pleased To Meet Me
The Replacements - Don't Tell A Soul
The Replacements - All Shook Down
Riverside - Love, Fear and the Time Machine (deluxe 2-cd)
Ruby the Hatchet - Valley of the Snake
Joe Satriani - Not Of This Earth
Scorpions - Fly To The Rainbow
Scorpions - Virgin Killer
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Rockin' Rudolph
Sign of the Jackyl - Mark of the Beast
Silverchair - Neon Ballroom
Alex Skolnik Trio - Transformation
The Skull - For Those of Which Are Asleep
Slayer - Repentless
Slik Toxik - Doin' the Nasty
Slingblade - The Unpredicted Deeds of Molly Black
Jimmy Smith - Christmas Cookin'
Spellcaster - s/t
Spice & the RJ Band - The Will
Star & Dagger - Tomorrowland Blues
Steve Stevens Atomic Playboys - s/t
Stryper - Against the Law
Sultan - Check & Mate
Super Transatlantic - Shuttlecock
Various - Burning For Buddy: A Tribute to The Music of Buddy Rich
Various - ZZ Top: A Tribute From Friends
Robin Trower - Twice Removed From Yesterday / A Tale Untold
Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs / A Tale Untold
Robin Trower - For Earth Below / A Tale Untold
Robin Trower - Robin Trower Live / A Tale Untold
Robin Trower - Long Misty Days / A Tale Untold
UKJ - America's Least Wanted
UKJ - Uglier Than They Used Ta Be
Uncle Acid - The Night Creeper
Various - A Christmas Gift for You From Phil Spector
Vintage Caravan - Arrival (w/2 bonus tracks)
Vintage Trouble - 1 Hopeful Rd.
Volture - On the Edge
Warrant - Ultraphobic
Warrant - Belly to Belly, Volume One
WASP - Golgotha
Scott Weiland - 12 Bar Blues
Scott Weiland - "Happy" In Galoshes (Limited 2-disc edition)
Scott Weiland - Blaster
White Lion - Pride
White Lion - Mane Attraction
White Lion - Return of the Pride
Whitesnake - The Purple Album (Deluxe ed. w/bonus tracks & dvd
Witchfynde - The Best of Witchfynde
Zodiac - Sonic Child

Total Purchases for 2015 - 217 (up from 198 in 2014)
Total New Releases for 2015 - 39 (down from 48 in 2014)

I used to be with it, but then they changed what "it" was. Now what I'm with isn't it, and what's it seems weird and scary to me, and it'll happen to you, too.
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PostSubject: Re: Post your 2015 Hauls   

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Post your 2015 Hauls
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