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Ultimate respect?
 46% [ 13 ]
Just another dead pop star?
 18% [ 5 ]
Kinda wish he would have stuck around.
 25% [ 7 ]
 11% [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 28

the sentinel
Metal is Forever

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PostSubject: Re: Prince   Fri May 13, 2016 9:46 pm

So, I listened to a 2 disc comp this afternoon Uncle Saxon sent me. I was already familiar with a few of the songs, but I found a lot to like that I had never heard before. Like I said earlier, ultimate respect because the man was so adept at so many styles of music (pop, funk, rock) and with so many different groups (The Revolution, The New Power Generation, Madhouse). I also couldn't help but wonder why there weren't more of his songs currently on the radio? For example, a song like "Uptown" although recorded in 1980, to my ears, is timeless. If this was put out by someone like a Bruno Mars, it would be a huge hit. I also came away with the reminder that most of Prince's music is very erotic. Enough to make Gene Simmons blush. Well, maybe not that much. Ha. Anyway, a more than enjoyable listen that will be returned to and mined for future comps. Thanks, Uncle.
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Heart of Metal
Heart of Metal

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PostSubject: Re: Prince   Fri May 20, 2016 5:50 pm

I have been reading that Gene Simmons - KISS Alive fame -
Spoke very directly about Prince - and his drug addiction -
Ace and Peter - had to piss him off -at the mad height of things...
Sixx - chimed in, personally, at the blood vomiter, fire breather ...
Paul, God love him, told Sixx to back off - not that Gene needs defending -
But it looks like Gene is sticking to what he said, no apologies.
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