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 Game of Thrones ***WARNING SPOILERS***

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PostSubject: Re: Game of Thrones ***WARNING SPOILERS***   Mon Aug 28, 2017 2:22 pm

Addy wrote:
its always been a year so Im guessing next summer Sad

Yes I love that setup on littlefinger That was a masterstroke Im glad that was a setup too cuz they both have been through so much they need each other.

How bout R+L=J  verbally confirmed!!!!! and now Samwell knows too

Also loved how Theon got some redemption there

Yes Cersi needs to die I suspect it will be Jamie, more now than ever.  

The Wall going down HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had a feeling that was how they were gonna end the season
I read somewhere yesterday that it might not come out till 2019. Real shame if they wait that long, so I hope whoever wrote the article is just speaking out his ass.

I didn't really care for the Theon scene however. I know why they did it, and he's going to end up saving the day when he discovers his uncle isn't where he said he was going to be. I just don't think that him and Jon being buddies again is necessary for that. Theon needs to die for what he did at winterfell.

And yeah, Cersi will die, but I want Tyrion to do it. She's given him more grief than even his father, but it would be more powerful coming from Jaime.
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Metal is in my blood

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PostSubject: Re: Game of Thrones ***WARNING SPOILERS***   Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:11 am

I think it would destroy Jamie especially if she really is pregnant and it's his which probably is

Yeah maybe, he did kinda died already when he was in Ramsay's clutches the proud headstrong Ironborn died in captivity, Theon is now just a shell. But yeah I know why that scene happened. As my wife said maybe he is starting to regrow a pair Very Happy

I wonder if Tyrion betrayed Dani in some way. Didnt Tyrion promise Cersei that her unborn child would sit on the throne? I thought i heard and read that somewhere.

I was reading some theory that Bran might be the Night King or connected to him in some way at the end when the dead crossed the wall supposidely their hoard walked in the shape of the Stark sigil. We will see... I thought i remember reading that the Night King was a former Lord Commander of the Watch AND was a Stark or related to the Starks. That was book info I believe.

I like that Jamie has some sense of honor. He's come a long way. Granted he has been on the wrong side but the fact he doesnt have his head up his or Cersei's ass is good. He would be a valuable asset to the North.

I am excited to see what happens when its learned of Jon's true origins He would definitely make an awesome King and I think would re-unite Westeros

I do think that whoever wrote that 2019 thing was speaking out of their ass or predicting the release of Winds of Winter.

The only thing that would soften the blow of a delayed release for me would be Martin releasing Winds and Promise of Spring but I am willing to bet that I will be caught up on the books before Winds will get released. Im on Book 3 now
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Game of Thrones ***WARNING SPOILERS***
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