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 Post Your 2016 Hauls

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Fat Freddy
Lord of all PBR's
Lord of all PBR's

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PostSubject: Post Your 2016 Hauls   Fri Dec 30, 2016 8:10 pm

It's that time of year again... when us list-o-maniacs post a run down of all of the musical crap we've accumulated in the past year for everyone to "ooh" and "ahh" over. Very Happy

So...how was everyone's collecting year?

I just looked @ my entry in the 2015 "Haul Thread," and I mentioned there that my CD collection was creeping up on the magic 1000 mark.  I am happy to report that not only did I crack that magic number in 2016, I obliterated it, cuz according to my RateYourMusic page, my CD collection currently stands at 1070. If I'm doing my math right, that means I picked up 128 CDs this year. Yay me!

...please don't tell my wife! :cheese:

But seriously folks: it helped that about 90% of the stuff I bought this year was either second hand, dirt cheap, or both, mainly from thrift shops like Goodwill (I pass one on my way home from work so I made a habit of stopping in at least once per week) and from the usual online sources. Sadly I had to bid farewell to my favorite online cheap-CD source -GoHastings, which went out of business in mid-year (Choke! Sob! I'll mourn ya till I join ya, Go-H! **tips 40, pours out some Olde English**), so I wonder how that will affect next year's accumulations. I haven't found a cheap music site comparable to GoHastings yet, but I'm still looking...

As far as ranking 2016 releases ... ehh, ask someone else (shrugs). Very Happy Out of the hundred-some-odd CDs I acquired this year, less than a dozen were new releases. Of the few I did hear, I'd have to say I enjoyed Metal Church's XI the most, followed by Megadeth's Dystopia and Michael Sweet's One Sided War, for whatever that's worth.
OK, enough of my yappin', on with the list...

The Cult - Love and Born Into This
Megadeth - Dystopia
Damn Yankees - s/t
Various - The Best of Bond...James Bond
Heart - Brigade, Bad Animals, and Greatest Hits
R.E.M. - Green, Out Of Time and Eponymous
Anthrax - For All Kings
Jet - Get Born
Humble Pie - Rock On!
Liz Phair - s/t and Juvenilia (EP)
Poison - Open Up and Say...Ahhh! and Flesh & Blood
Van Halen - For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, OU812, Fair Warning, A Different Kind of Truth, s/t, Diver Down, and 1984
Pat Benatar - Wide Awake in Dreamland
Black Crowes - Shake Your Money Maker
Velvet Revolver - Contraband
Days of the New - s/t (aka "Yellow")
Marvelous 3 - Hey! Album
Bush - Sixteen Stone
Metal Church - XI
Rocka Rollas -Pagan Ritual and The War of Steel Has Begun (reissue)
Blazon Stone - No Sign of Glory, War of the Roses, and Ready For Boarding (EP)
Coldsteel - America Idle
Kingdom Come - 20th Century Masters
Various - Covered Like a Hurricane: A Tribute to Scorpions
Starborn - The Dreaming City
Rychus Syn - Rebirth and Deadly Syns
Lunar Shadow- Triumphator
John Cougar Mellencamp - Words and Music
Brothers of Sword - United For Metal
Exodus - Impact is Imminent and Blood In, Blood Out
Sacred Guardian - s/t
Faith No More - The Real Thing (deluxe reissue)
Aversion - Fit To Be Tied
Petra - Wake Up Call
Autograf - Tear Down the Border
Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want
Steel Horse - Wild Power
Reign of Fury - World Detonation
Forgotten Disciple - Last Train to Heaven
Triumph - Extended Versions
Heaven & Hell - Neon Nights: Live in Europe
Various - '80s Metal Tribute to Van Halen
U2 - War and The Unforgettable Fire
The Pretenders - Learning To Crawl and The Singles
David Lee Roth - Eat 'Em and Smile
Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols
L.A. Guns - Hollywood Vampires
Various - Metal Massacre II
Various - Metal Massacre 4
Billy Squier - Extended Versions and 16 Strokes: The Best of Billy Squier
Soundgarden - Louder Than Love
Coverdale/Page - s/t
Monster Magnet - Spine of God
War Babies - s/t
Marc Bolan & T-Rex - 20th Century Boy: The Ultimate Collection
Various - Rock Star: Music From the Motion Picture
Social Distortion - White Light White Heat White Trash
Candlemass - Ancient Dreams
Metallica - The 9.98 CD: Garage Days Re-Revisited and Hardwired...To Self-Destruct
Jimi Hendrix - The Cry of Love
Dixie Chicks - Wide Open Spaces
Steelheart - Good 2B Alive
Black Sabbath - Sabotage
Backseat Driver - Son of the City
Aerosmith - Get A Grip
Powerman 5000 - Tonight the Stars Revolt!
Europe - Out Of This World
Jethro Tull - Original Masters
Rolling Stones - Rewind: 1971-1984
Rush - Fly By Night and Exit...Stage Left
Boston - s/t and Don't Look Back
Hammered - The Beginning
Icy Steel - Kronothor
Rising Dust - Taste of Fire
Various - Masters of Metal: Wreaking Havoc 1975-1985 Vol. 2
Temple of the Dog - s/t
Stuttering John - s/t
Halford - Extended Versions
Motorhead - Bastards
Accept - Balls To The Wall
Hell's Domain - s/t
The Prowlers - Point of No Return
Phantom X - This Is War
Thy Gate Beyond - Enemy At The Gates
Tarantula - Spiral Of Fear
Serpent Saints - Leather Lucifer and All Things Metal
Broken Teeth - Viva La Rock, Fantastico
Shadowdance - Future Negative Fantasy
Michael Sweet - One Sided War
Nasty Whores - s/t
DiAnno - Nomad
Eddie Ojeda - Axes 2 Axes
Woslom - Time To Rise
Various - Aerosmithsonian: A Tribute to Aerosmith
Uniform Choice - Early Demos
Thundershield - s/t
Terror - Decades of Terror
Yes - 90125
Billy Joel - Greatest Hits Vol. I and II
Seax - High on Metal
Reptile - Solid Metal Rules
Victim - By The Neck

All in all 2016 was a damn fine year for this CD nerd. I dunno if I'll beat this # next year, but it'll be fun to try Very Happy
Happy collecting in 2017, everyone. Onward and upward!

"I am reluctant to get too deep into politics, and I don’t expect politicians to get too deep into music."
- Paul Stanley

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Metal is Forever

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your 2016 Hauls   Fri Dec 30, 2016 11:40 pm

Amazing list there. I managed to acquire over 130 cds this past year. Pretty impressive for someone who lives in this part of the world where metal is a dirty word.

Planning on buying less music in 2017 simply because i need to listen to the stuff i already aquired. Of course not sure i will stick to this strategy :-)
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Metal is in my blood
Metal is in my blood

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your 2016 Hauls   Sat Dec 31, 2016 5:22 am

I think I got 40-something. I haven't cataloged the most recent ones on RYM yet.

Let's see:

Powergod - all 5 of their full-lengths
Dream Evil - all 5 of their full-lengths
Amaranthe - their first 3 albums
Civil War - all 3 of their albums
Angel Dust - re-releases of their two 80's albums
Avantasia - Ghostlights
Riot - Thundersteel
Savatage - rebought 2 re-released versions of CDs I already have
Wuthering Heights - Far From the Madding Crowd
Crimes of Passion - To Die For (autographed)
Threshold - For the Journey
Armored Saint - Symbol of Salvation
Mystic Prophecy - War Brigade
Blaze Bayley - Infinite Entanglement
Amoral - Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows
Rage - The Devil Strikes Again
Rage - 10 Years In Rage: The Anniversary Album
Metalium - their first four albums
Warlock - True As Steel
9.7 Richter - Ground Zero
Axxis - Matters of Survival + Voodoo Vibes
Pink Cream 69 - Change (autographed)
Testament - Brotherhood of the Snake

I counted 41, unless I missed something. I also got Impellitteri's Grin & Bear It the day before New Year's Eve last year, so that just missed the mark.

I think that's only six actual 2016 releases - Testament, Avantasia, Rage, Blaze, Mystic Prophecy + the latest Civil War that I haven't even played yet.

So, a pretty slow year.
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Metal is Forever

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your 2016 Hauls   Sat Dec 31, 2016 6:06 am

I finally completed my dream evil collection this year too! Could not be any happier. Love this band.
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mini boss
mini boss

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your 2016 Hauls   Sat Dec 31, 2016 7:47 am

I will put my list together later today or tomorrow. It looks like I got over 200, but most, if not all, I acquired at flea markets, pawn shops, and ebay.

Since vinyl is back in vogue, people have been dumping their CD's at incredibly low prices. I think those folks will end regretting that decision, but at moment, good for me.
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Metal is Forever

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your 2016 Hauls   Sat Dec 31, 2016 10:17 am

manny wrote:

Since vinyl is back in vogue, people have been dumping their CD's at incredibly low prices. I think those folks will end regretting that decision, but at moment, good for me.

My thoughts exactly! I've been scoring some great deals lately. Thanks suckers!
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Metal is Forever

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your 2016 Hauls   Sat Dec 31, 2016 10:44 am

I still have a couple of items that I haven't received yet, but here's the bulk of what I got in 2016 - 171 total items - 136 CDs and 35 vinyl.  


Airbourne - Breakin' Outta Hell
Amon Amarth - Jomsviking
Angel Dust - Into The Dark Past
Angel Dust - To Dust You Will Decay
Angel Witch - Angel Witch
Anthrax - For All Kings
Aragorn - Black Ice
Artillery - Legions
Artillery - Penalty By Perception
Banshee - Cry In The Night
Banshee - Race Against Time
Bat - Wings Of Chains
Betsy - Betsy
Bitches Sin - Predator
Blood Money - Red Raw And Bleeding
Blood Money - Battlescarred
Brimstone Coven - Black Magic
Cauldron - In Ruin
Chaser - Raiders - The Anthology
Cooper, Alice - Constrictor
Cooper, Alice - Trash
Cooper, Alice - Hey Stoopid
Cooper, Alice - The Last Temptation
Cooper, Alice - Extended Versions
Crossfire - See You In Hell
Crossfire - Second Attack
Crows - The Dying Race
Dead On - Dead On
Dead On - All Four You
Death Angel - The Dream Calls For Blood
Death Angel - The Evil Divide
Def Leppard - First Strikes 1978-1979
Demon Eye - Leave The Light
Demon Pact - Eaten Alive
Denner / Sherman - Masters Of Evil
Diamond Head - Diamond Head
Dirkschneider - Live - Back To The Roots
Divine Tragedy - Viscera Reaction
Dream Evil - In The Night
Drive - Characters In Time
Elixir - Treachery (Ride Like The Wind)
Eternal Champion - The Armor Of Ire
Eternal Champion / Gatekeeper - Retaliator / Vigilance
Exises - Exises
Fast Kutz - Burnin'
Gehennah - Too Loud To Live Too Drunk To Die
Glacier - Glacier
Grand Magus - Sword Songs
Grand Magus - Sword Songs
Grave Digger - The Reaper
Grave Digger - Exhumation (The Early Years)
Grim Reaper - Walking In The Shadows
Grinder - Dawn For The Living
Hard Knox - Psyco's R Us
Hellrazer - Made Of Metal
Hexx - No Escape
Hexx - Under The Spell
Hoffman, Wolf - Headbangers Symphony
Holy Grail - Times Of Pride And Peril
Ion Britton - Eat Metal
Ivory Tiger - Metal Mountain
Jillson - Deadly Girl
Judas Priest - Battle Cry
Leatherwolf - Unchained Live
Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
Lethal Steel - Legion Of The Night
Malmsteen, Yngwie - Trial By Fire - Live In Leningrad
Marshall Law - Power Crazy - The Best Of Marshall Law
Megadeth - Train Of Consequences
Megadeth - Dystopia
Megadeth - Dystopia
Metal Church - XI
Metallica - Kill 'Em All
Metallica - Ride The Lightning
Metallica - Hardwired…To Self-Destruct
Midnight Chaser - Lion's Choice
Millennium - Millennium
Millennium - Caught In A Warzone
Motorhead - The One To Sing The Blues
Motorhead - Angel City And Other Cities Live 1991-1916
Motorhead - 1916
Motorhead - Aftershock
Obscene Jester - Citadel's On Fire
Orange Goblin - A Eulogy For The Damned
Overdrive - On The Run
Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill
Pantera - History Of Hostility
Paradox - The Demo Collection 1986-1987
Paradox (Minnesota) - Reel Life And Beyond
Phantom - Cyberchrist
Pierce - III - The Anthology
Preyer - Terminator
Primal Fear - Rulebreaker
Quartz - Against All Odds
Running Wild - Rapid Foray
Sanctuary - Into The Mirror Black
Sanctuary - Into The Mirror Live / Black Reflections
Savage - 7
Savage Master - Mask Of The Devil
Savage Master - With Whips And Chains
Saxon - The Eagle Has Landed
Saxon - Warriors Of The Road
Saxon - Let Me Feel Your Power
Slayer - Decade Of Aggression
Slayer - Divine Intervention
Slayer - Undisputed Attitude
Soldier - Sheralee / Force
Stone - Complete
Striker - Stand In The Fire
Suicidal Tendencies - Controlled By Hatred/Feel Like Shit…Deja-Vu
Suicidal Tendencies - The Art Of Rebellion
Sumerlands - Sumerlands
Testament - Brotherhood Of The Snake
The Skull - Sometime Yesterday Mourning
The Skull - The Skull
Tygers of Pan Tang - Tygers Of Pan Tang
Valhalla - Lightning In The Sky
Various - Combat Boot Camp
Various - NWOBHM Metal Rarities Vol 3
Vicious Rumors - Live You To Death 2 American Punishment
Vicious Rumors - Concussion Protocol
Visigoth - Final Spell
Warfare - The New Age Of Total Warfare
Wargasm - Rainbows, Kittens, Flowers & Puppies
Wargasm - Ugly
Warhead - Speedway
Warhead - The Day After
Watchers, The - Sabbath Highway
Weapon - Set The Stage Alight
Wicked Maraya - Lifetime In Hell
Widow - Carved In Stone
Wikka - Beware Of The King
Wolf - Devil Seed
Wolf And Raven - Dream Hunters
Y&T - Contagious
Y&T - Ten


Badlands - Dreams In The Dark
Bat - Wings Of Chains
Cauldron - In Ruin
CC Company - CC Company
CC Company - Red Baron
CC Company - Stranger Danger Death
Dunsmuir - Our Only Master/The Bats (Are Hungry Tonight)
Europe - Rock The Night
Ford, Lita - Dancin' On The Edge
Goat Horn - Voyage To Nowhere
Gygax - Critical Hits
Keel - The Right To Rock
Keel - The Final Frontier
Malediction - Condamnes
Megadeth - The Threat Is Real
Megadeth - Dystopia
Motorhead - The One To Sing The Blues
Motorhead - Overkill
Orchid - Sign Of The Witch
Osbourne, Ozzy - The Ultimate Sin
Overkill - Our Finest Hour
Roth, Uli Jon - Beyond The Astral Skies
Sanctuary - The Year The Sun Died
Shok Paris - Go Down Fighting
Storm Warning - Insanity
TKO - I Wanna Fight
Tygers of Pan Tang - Only The Brave
Vandenberg - Heading For a Storm
Vandenberg - Best Of
Various - Metal Massacre 14
W.A.S.P. - Animal F**k Like A Beast
Wargasm - Why Play Around?
Whitesnake - Slide It In
Y&T - In Rock We Trust
Y&T - Contagious
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Metal is my Life
Metal is my Life

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your 2016 Hauls   Sat Dec 31, 2016 11:35 am

Here's what I pulled in this year (miniscule to everyone else,it appears) :

Gamma Ray - Master Of Confusion
Testament - Brotherhood Of The Snake
Pretty Maids - Kingmaker
Mercyful Fate - Time
King Kobra - II
King Kobra - King Kobra
Defiance - Product Of Society
Sabbat - Dreamweaver
Seven Witches - Call Upon The Wicked
Saxon - Lionheart
Vicious Rumors - Concussion Protocol
Banshee - Race Against Time + Cry In The Night
Raven - ExtermiNation
Pretty Maids - Pandemonium
Odin - Fight For Your Life
Kreator - Phantom Antichrist
Deliverance - Weapons Of Our Warfare
Primal Fear - Rulebreaker
Paradox - Pangea
Death Angel - The Evil Divide
Artillery - Penalty By Perception
Flotsam & Jetsam - S/T
Ace Frehley - Origins Vol. I
Loudness - Devil Soldier
Metal Church - XI
Anthrax - For All Kings
Loudness - The Everlasting
Megadeth - Dystopia
Loudness - The Eternal Soldiers
Paradox - Heresy
White Wizzard - High Speed GTO
Van Halen - Balance
Frehley's Comet - Live + 1
Judas Priest - Rocka Rolla

By my count, that's 35 which I do believe iis more than 2015.
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Metal is my Life
Metal is my Life

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your 2016 Hauls   Sat Dec 31, 2016 2:47 pm

Like last year, you'll find this a silly comment, but...it was a slow year. Just 544 purchases for me this year.

10,000 Maniacs - Blind Man's Zoo
10,000 Maniacs - Candy Everybody Wants (CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
10,000 Maniacs - Our Time In Eden
16 Horsepower - Secret South
AC/DC - Stiff Upper Lip (CD Single w/Non-LP Live Tracks)
Agnostic Front - My Life My Way
Airbourne - Breakin' Outta Hell (w/Bonus Track)
Alice Cooper - Lace And Whiskey
Amon Amarth - Jomsviking (w/Bonus Track)
Amon Amarth - Once Sent From The Golden Hall (2CD)
Ancient Empire - Other World
Anderson/Stolt - Invention Of Knowledge
Angel - Angel
Angel - Helluva Band
Ani DiFranco - Official Bootleg #18: Glenside 11.11.12 (2CD)
Ani DiFranco - Official Bootleg #19: Melbourne, FL 1.19.16 (2CD)
Animals As Leaders - The Madness Of Many
Anthrax - Breathing Lightning (CD Single w/Non-LP Live Tracks)
Anthrax - For All Kings
Anvil - This Is Thirteen (w/Bonus Track)
Apathy Noir - Across Dark Waters
Assailant - Wicked Dream
Attika - Blood Of My Enemies
Autograph - Missing Pieces (w/Bonus Tracks)
Avantasia - Ghostlights
Axel Rudi Pell - Game Of Sins (w/Bonus Track)
Backhill - Shadow Man (321 of 700)
Band Of Skulls - By Default
Barstool Prophets - Crank
Barstool Prophets - Last Of The Big Game Hunters
Beastmaker - Lusus Naturae
Beasto Blanco - Beasto Blanco
Beck - Midnite Vultures
Beck - Modern Guilt
Beck - Mutations
Beck - Odelay
Beck - The Information (CD/DVD)
Beseech - My Darkness, Darkness
Beth Orton - Best Bit (EP)
Black Mass - Ancient Scriptures
Black Stone Cherry - Kentucky (w/Bonus Tracks)
Black Stone Cherry - Thank You: Livin' Live - Birmingham, UK (CD/DVD)
Blazon Stone - No Sign Of Glory
Blazon Stone - Ready For Boarding (EP)
Blazon Stone - War Of The Roses
Blindside - Blindside (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Blindstone - Freedom's Calling
Blindstone - Rise Above
Blood Ceremony - Lord Of Misrule
Bloody Hammers - Lovely Sort Of Death
Bloody Hammers - Lovely Sort Of Death (EP)
Bolido - We Are Rock
Bon Jovi - 7800º Fahrenheit (Reissue)
Bon Jovi - This House Is Not For Sale (w/Bonus Tracks)
Boston - Don't Look Back
Boston - Third Stage
Brainstorm - Memorial Roots (Re-Rooted) (w/Bonus Tracks)
Brainstorm - Scary Creatures (CD/DVD w/Bonus Track)
Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony
Breaking Benjamin - Shallow Bay: The Best Of Breaking Benjamin (2CD)
Breitenhold - Secret Worlds (w/Bonus Track)
Breitenhold - The Inn Of Sorrowing Souls
Brimstone Coven - Black Magic
Bring The Knife - Bring The Knife (7" EP w/Digital Bonus Tracks)
Broken Teeth - At Peace Amongst Chaos
Brothers Of Sword - United For Metal (EP)
Brownout - Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath, Vol. II
Burning Sage - Purification
California Guitar Trio - CG3+2
Candlebox - Disappearing In Airports
Candlemass - Death Thy Lover (EP)
Cannon - Metal Style (w/Bonus Track)
Cheap Trick - All Shook Up
Cheap Trick - Cheap Trick (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Cheap Trick - Heaven Tonight (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Cheap Trick - In Color (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Cheap Trick - Lap Of Luxury
Cherry Lips - Cherry Lips
Chris Robinson Brotherhood, The - Any Way You Love, We Know How You Feel
Claymorean - Unbroken
Cloven Altar - Demon Of The Night (474 of 500)
Cold Existence, The - Sombre Gates
Collective Soul - Collective Soul (2009)
Colobar - Behind The Veil Of Oblivion
Comaniac - Return To The Wasteland (w/Bonus Tracks)
Coral, The - Chasing The Tail Of A Dream (7" Single w/Non-LP Track) (189 of 1,000) (Autographed)
Coral, The - Distance Inbetween
Coral, The - Holy Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues (EP) (Digital)
Course Of Empire - Infested! (CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
Cracker - Cracker
Cranberries, The - Doors And Windows (EP)
Cro-Mags - The Age Of Quarrel
Crowbar - The Serpent Only Lies
Cry Holy - AlieNation
Cryonic Temple - In Thy Power
Damien - Memorandum: Complete Demo Anthology (2CD) (463 of 500)
Dark Castle - Spirited Migration
Dark Tranquillity - Atoma (2CD)
Davy Knowles - Three Miles From Avalon (w/Digital Bonus Tracks)
Dead Daisies, The - Make Some Noise
Dead Milkmen, The/Flag Of Democracy - Split (7" EP)
Delain - Lunar Prelude (EP)
Delain - Moonbathers (2CD)
Demon's Bell - Demon's Bell (EP) (127 of 500)
Denner/Shermann - Masters Of Evil
Descendants Of Erdrick - Advent
DevilDriver - Trust No One (w/Bonus Tracks)
Devin Townsend - Only Half There (Book)
Devin Townsend Project, The - Transcendence (w/Bonus Tracks)
Diablo Blvd - Follow The Deadlights (w/Bonus Track)
Divided Multitude - Feed On Your Misery
Divine Weep - Tears Of The Ages (w/Bonus Tracks)
Divinity - Allegory
Down Theory - Invisible Empire
Dream Theater - The Astonishing (2CD)
Dredg - Chuckles And Mr. Squeezy
Drifter - Reality Turns To Dust
Drivin' N' Cryin' - Detroit City Rock (EP)
Drivin' N' Cryin' - Songs For The Turntable (EP)
Drowning Pool - Hellelujah
Drowning Pool - Sinner (2CD Reissue)
Dunsmuir - Only Our Master/The Bats (Are Hungry Tonight) (7" Single) (Limited to 500)
Early Man - Better Living Through Levitation (Single) (Digital)
Early Man - Halloween (EP) (171 of 400) (Autographed)
Early Man - Thank God You've Got The Answers For Us All (752 of 1000) (Autographed)
Early Man - Uninvited (Single) (Digital)
Early Man - You Fancy Me Mad (EP) (271 of 500) (Autographed)
Emergency Gate - Rewake
Epica - The Holographic Principle (2CD)
Erik Norlander - Surreal
Erotics, The - Three Sheets To The Wind (EP)
Evil Invaders - In For The Kill (EP) (Limited to 1,000)
Exordium Mors - The Apotheothis Of Death
Faith No More - This Is It: The Best Of Faith No More
Falconer - Armod
Farrenheit - Farrenheit
Fates Warning - Theories Of Flight (2CD)
Faustian Slip - Plague Of Man (Single) (Digital)
Faustian Slip - The Greatest Of These (Single) (Digital)
Find Me - Wings Of Love
Fire From The Gods - Narrative
Flatline - Malicious Intent (CD/DVD)
Flatline - Pave The Way
Flatline - The Process Of Healing
Flaw - Divided We Fall
Foghat - Fool For The City
Four By Fate - Relentless
Freya - Grim
Geddy Lee - My Favorite Headache
Gemini Syndrome - Lux
Gentleman's Pistols - Hustler's Row
Ghost - Popestar (EP)
Glenn Hughes - Resonate
Gov't Mule - The Tel-Star Sessions (w/Bonus Track)
Grand Magus - Triumph And Power (w/Bonus Track)
Grave Cross - Nothing But The Night (EP)
Graveyard - Innocence & Decadence (w/Bonus Track)
Green Day - Bang Bang (CD Single)
Green Day - Revolution Radio
Grey Wolf - Glorious Death
Grey Wolf - Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf - We Are Metalheads
Grimgotts - Extenditus Playus
Groan - Highrospliffics (EP) (Digital)
Groan - The Divine Right Of Kings
Groan - The Sleeping Wizard
Haken - Affinity (2CD)
Handsome Family, The - Unseen
Hangnail - Ten Days Before Summer
Hanoi Rocks - All Those Wasted Years: Live At The Marquee
Hatchet - Fear Beyond Lunacy
Headspace - All That You Fear Is Gone
Heaven Shall Burn - Wanderer (2CD)
Hell - Curse & Chapter
HellHound - Nothing Left (408 of 500)
Hellyeah - Undeniable (w/Bonus Tracks)
Helstar - Vampiro
Hessian - Bachelor Of Black Arts
Hey! Hello! - Hey! Hello! Too! (w/Digital Bonus Tracks)
HIM - XX: Two Decades Of Love Metal
Holy Grail - Times Of Pride And Peril
Honeymoon Suite - Honeymoon Suite
Horrified - Of Despair
Hotel Of The Laughing Tree - Terror & Everything After
Hundred Reasons - More Ideas Above Our Station (EP)
Hundred Reasons - The Great Test (CD1 Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
Hundred Reasons - The Great Test (CD2 Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
Hundred Reasons - The Perfect Gift (CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
Ice Dragon - Broken Life (EP) (Digital)
Ice Dragon - Dream Dragon
Ice Dragon - Hexagon Riders (7" Single) (Square Lathe Cut) (3 of 20)
Ice Dragon - Loaf Of Head (7 of 100)
Ice Dragon - Seeds From A Dying Garden (69 of 100)
Ice Dragon - The Burl, The Earth, The Aether
Ice Dragon - The Sorrowful Sun
Iceburn/Engine Kid - Split (EP)
If These Trees Could Talk - Above The Earth, Below The Sky
If These Trees Could Talk - Red Forest
In Flames - Battles (w/Bonus Tracks)
In Solitude - The World, The Flesh, The Devil
In The Nursery - Duality
Indesinence - Vessels Of Light And Decay
Infinite Spectrum - Haunter Of The Dark
Infinite Spectrum - Misguided
Infinite Spectrum - Sideways Eight: An Infinite Spectrum Experience (EP) (Digital)
Infinite Spectrum - The Killing Time (Single) (Digital)
Infinite Spectrum - Under One God (Single) (Digital)
InnerWish - InnerWish
Insomnium - Winter's Gate
Iron Driver - Prisoner Of Time
Iron Maiden - Piece Of Mind
Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls (2CD)
Iron Saviour - Titancraft (w/Bonus Tracks)
Ironaut - Ironaut (EP)
Izzy Stradlin - F.P. Money (Single) (Digital)
Izzy Stradlin - Walk'n Song (Single) (Digital)
Jelly Jam, The - Profit
Jewel - You Were Meant For Me (Promo EP)
Jim Breuer And The Loud & Rowdy - Songs From The Garage
Joan Jett And The Blackhearts - Flashback
Jorn - Heavy Rock Radio
Kansas - The Prelude Implicit (w/Bonus Tracks)
Katatonia - The Fall Of Hearts (CD/DVD w/Bonus Track)
Keep Of Kalessin - Reptilian
King Of Asgard - Fi'mbulvintr
Kiss - Creatures Of The Night
Kiss - Lick It Up
Knives Out - Left In The Lurch
Kobra And The Lotus - Word Of The Prophets (EP)
Kobra And The Lotus - Zombie (7" EP)
Korn - Rotting In Vain (CD Single)
Korn - The Path Of Totality (CD/DVD w/Bonus Tracks)
Kroh - Altars (84 of 100)
Lacey Sturm - Life Screams
Lacuna Coil - Delirium (w/Bonus Tracks)
Larman Clamor - Beyonder (Digital)
Larman Clamor - Drone Monger (EP) (Digital)
Larman Clamor - Heathland Tales (EP) (Digital)
Larman Clamor - Im Nächst'n Le'm (Single) (Digital)
Larman Clamor - Wilderness, Wilderness (EP) (Digital)
Last In Line - Heavy Crown (CD/DVD w/Bonus Track)
Leather Heart - Comeback
Lector - Bubonic Dawn
Left Lane Cruiser - All You Can Eat!!
Left Lane Cruiser - Beck In Black
Left Lane Cruiser - Bring Yo' Ass To The Table
Left Lane Cruiser - Dirty Spliff Blues
Left Lane Cruiser - Junkyard Speed Ball
Left Lane Cruiser - Rock Them Back To Hell!
Left Lane Cruiser & James Leg - Painkillers
Lonely Kamel - Dust Devil
Lonely Kamel - Lonely Kamel
Lord Dying - Poisoned Altars
Love On Ice - Nude
Lunar Shadow - Triumphator (EP)
Makers, The - All-Night Riot!!
Makers, The - Howl
Makers, The - Hunger
Makers, The - Shout On!!/Hip-Notic (EP)
Makers, The - Tear Your World Apart (EP)
Malevolent Force - Descent Into The Abyss
Mama's Cookin' - Let The Record Ride
Mama's Cookin' - Mama's Cookin'
Mammoth Mammoth - Hammered Again (w/Bonus Track)
Mammoth Mammoth - Mammoth Bloody Mammoth (EP) (Limited to 1,000)
Maniac - Rainbows, Kittens, Flowers & Puppies (Reissue)
Marc Bolan & T. Rex - 20th Century Boy: The Ultimate Collection
Mars Volta, The - The Bedlam In Goliath
Masquerage - Breaking The Masks
Mayan - Antagonise (w/Bonus Track)
Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - IV
Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster
Megadeth - Dystopia (w/Bonus Tracks)
Megadeth - Peace Sells…But Who's Buying? (2CD Reissue)
Mercy Killers - Mercy Killers (EP)
Metal Allegiance - Metal Allegiance
Metallica - Hardwire...To Self-Destruct (3CD)
Mississippi Bones - 2600 AD: And Other Astonishing Tales (Digital)
Mob Rules - Tales From Beyond (w/Bonus Track)
Modena - Leverage
Modena - Modena
Monster Truck - Sittin' Heavy
Mosh-Pit Justice - Justice Is Served
Motorhead - Ace Of Spades (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Motorhead - Another Perfect Day (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Motorhead - Bomber (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Motorhead - Motorizer
Motorhead - Overkill (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Mountain - Flowers Of Evil
Mr. Big - Bump Ahead
Mystic Prophecy - War Brigade
Native Construct - Quiet World
Neal Morse Band, The - The Similitude Of A Dream (2CD)
Nelson - The Silence Is Broken
New Idol Son - Reach
Nickelback - All The Right Reasons
Nickelback - Silver Side Up
Nickelback - The Long Road
Nonpoint - The Poison Red (w/Bonus Tracks)
Novembre - Ursa
Numenor - Sword And Sorcery
O.A.R. - XX (2CD)
Obiturary - Ten Thousand Ways To Die (EP)
O'Brother - Endless Light
Obscura - Akroasis (w/Bonus Track)
Obscure Sphinx - Epitaphs
Oddland - Origin
Omnium Gatherum - Grey Heavens
Opeth - Sorceress (2CD)
Order Of Israfel, The - Red Robes (CD/DVD)
Orgy - Talk Sick (EP)
Origin - Omnipresent (w/Bonus Track)
Otep - Generation Doom (w/Bonus Tracks)
Overwhelming Colorfast - Moonlight And Castanets
Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard Of Ozz (w/Bonus Track)
Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears
Ozzy Osbourne - No Rest For The Wicked
Ozzy Osbourne - Ozzmosis
Ozzy Osbourne - Tribute
Pain - Coming Home
Pale Horse Named Death, A - And Hell Will Follow Me
Pentagram - Curious Volume
Periphery - III: Select Difficulty
Phish - Billy Breathes
Phish - Hoist
Phish - Slip Stitch And Pass
Phish - The Story Of The Ghost
Pohjast - Mutased
Porcupine Tree - The Incident (2CD)
Portrait - Crossroads
Primal Fear - Rulebreaker (CD/DVD w/Bonus Tracks)
Primordial - Redemption At The Puritan's Hand
Primordial - Where Greater Men Have Fallen
Prong - No Absolutes (w/Bonus Track)
R.E.M. - Eponymous
R.E.M. - New Adventures In Hi-Fi
R.E.M. - R.E.M. In The Attic: Alternative Recordings 1985–1989
R.E.M. - Songs That Are Live (Promo EP)
R.E.M. - Up
Ra - Refix (EP)
Rage - The Devil Strikes Again
Reckless - No Frills
Red Fang - Murder The Mountains
Redemption - The Art Of Loss
Reptile - Solid Metal Rules
Requiem Laus - A Higher Claim (EP) (Digital)
Rev Theory - The Revelation
Revocation - Deathless
Revocation - Empire Of The Obscene (w/Bonus Tracks)
Revolution Saints - Revolution Saints
Rhapsody - Legendary Tales
Rhapsody Of Fire - In The Legend (w/Bonus Track)
Rich Robinson - Flux
Richrath - Only The Strong Survive
Rick Springfield - Rocket Science (w/Bonus Tracks)
Ringworm - Snake Church
Roadhog - Dreamstealer
Rob Zombie - The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser
Rocka Rollas - Pagan Ritual
Rocka Rollas - The Road To Destruction
Rocka Rollas - The War Of Steel Has Begun (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Royal Southern Brotherhood - Don't Look Back
Royal Southern Brotherhood - The Royal Gospel
Royal Thunder - Crooked Doors
Rudy Wild - Wild One
Rush - Chronicles (2CD)
Rush - Counterparts
Rush - Feedback
Rush - Presto
Rush - Roll The Bones
Rush - Snakes & Arrows
Rush - Test For Echo
Rush - Vapor Trails
Rush - Vapor Trails Remixed
Saber Tiger - The Best Of
Sacred Oath - Sacred Oath
Sage Meridien - Whispered Tales (64 of 500)
Sam Black Church - For We Are Many: The Best Of Sam Black Church (2CD)
Sam Black Church - Leave Behind A Groove In The Earth: The Story Of Sam Black Church (DVD)
Sarah McLachlan - Possession (Promo CD Single w/Non-LP Track)
Satan's Fall - Seven Nights (EP) (143 of 500)
Scorpion Child - Acid Roulette
Seas Of Wake - Depth Of The Marrow
Seas Of Wake - Virology
Seasick Steve - Keepin' The Horse Between Me And The Ground (2CD)
Seasick Steve - Sonic Soul Surfer
Seax - High On Metal
Second Grave - Blacken The Sky
Section A - Wall Of Silence
See This World - Now Is The Time (EP) (Digital)
See This World - The Time Is Now (EP) (Digital)
Sekond Skyn - Quicksand (EP)
Serenity - Codex Atlanticus (w/Bonus Tracks)
Serious Black - As Daylight Breaks (w/Bonus Tracks)
Serpentine Dominion - Serpentine Dominion
Seven Witches - The Way Of The Wicked (CD/DVD)
Seventh Omen - Abstract Destiny
Shah - Escape From Mind (25 of 500)
Shattered Sun - Hope Within Hatred
Silverbones - Wild Waves
Sixx A.M. - Modern Vintage
Sixx: A.M. - Prayers For The Damned, Vol. 1
Sixx: A.M. - Prayers For The Damned, Vol. 2
Skull & Bones - The Cursed Island
Skull, The - The Skull (EP)
Sky Machine - Balance (EP)
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators - Apocalyptic Love
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators - World On Fire
Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone
Slow Gherkin - Shed Some Skin
Social Distortion - Story Of My Life...And Other Stories (EP)
Soilwork - Death Resonance
Sonata Arctica - The Ninth Hour
Sonya Kitchell - We Come Apart
Sorcerer - Sorcerer
Spock's Beard - The First Twenty Years (2CD/DVD)
Starborn - The Dreaming City (EP)
Steel Aggressor - A Rival Of The Fittest
Steepwater Band, The - Shake Your Faith (w/Digital Bonus Tracks)
Stereo Nasty - Nasty By Nature
Stratovarius - Eternal
Strength For A Reason - Show And Prove
Strypes, The - Snapshot
Stuck Mojo - Here Come The Infidels
Suffocation - Pinnacle Of Bedlam
Sugarcoma - Never Born (w/Bonus Tracks)
Suicidal Tendencies - World Gone Mad
Summoner's Circle - First Summoning (EP) (Digital)
Sweet - Desolation Boulevard
Sweet - Level Headed
Tad - 8-Way Santa (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Tad - God's Balls (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Tad - Salt Lick (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Taylor Hawkins - Kota (EP) (Digital)
Temperance Movement, The - White Bear (w/Bonus Tracks)
Templars - Omne Datum Optimum
Temple Of The Dog - Temple Of The Dog (Reissue)
Teramaze - Her Halo
Terminus - The Reaper's Spiral
Terra Naomi - Songs From Upcoming Album (Promo EP)
Terra Naomi - Terra Naomi (Autographed)
Terra Naomi - Terra Naomi (EP)
Terra Naomi - To Know I'm OK (Autographed)
Terror - Decades Of Terror (173 of 500)
Terror - The 25th Hour
Testament - Brotherhood Of The Snake
Theocracy - Ghost Ship
Therapy? - Tides (EP)
Therapy? - We're Here To The End (2CD) (Autographed)
Therapy? - Wood & Wire
They Might Be Giants - Join Us
They Might Be Giants - The Else
They Might Be Giants - The Spine
They Might Be Giants - Then: The Earlier Years (2CD)
Thinning The Herd - Oceans Rise
Thorn - Pacing (EP)
Thundershield - Thundershield (27 of 500)
TNT - Intuition
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Acoustic Dance Party (EP)
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Bread And Circus
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Coil
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Dulcinea
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Fear
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Five Live (EP)
Toad The Wet Sprocket - In Light Syrup
Toad The Wet Sprocket - P.S. (A Toad Retrospective)
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Pale
Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Damn The Torpedoes
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
Tori Amos - Glory Of The 80's (CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
Tori Amos - In The Springtime Of His Voodoo (CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
Tori Amos - Jackie's Strength (CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
Tower - Tower
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Letters From The Labyrinth (w/Bonus Track)
Trapt - DNA (w/Bonus Tracks) (Autographed)
Triumph - Allied Forces
Triumph - In The Beginning...
Triumph - Just A Game
Triumph - Never Surrender
Triumph - Progressions Of Power
Triumph - Rock & Roll Machine
Triumph - Surveillance
Triumph - The Sport Of Kings
Triumph - Thunder Seven
Trivium - Ember To Inferno (Ab Initio) (2CD Reissue)
Trivium - Silence In The Snow (w/Bonus Tracks)
Turisas - Turisas2013
Tystnaden - In Our Eye
Tystnaden - Sham Of Perfection
Uncle Jack - Through Stained Glass Eyes (EP) (Digital)
Unearthed Elf - Into The Catacomb Abyss (Limited to 100)
Uriah Heep - Equator (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Uriah Heep - Firefly (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Uriah Heep - Raging Silence (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Van Halen - 1984
Van Halen - 5150
Van Halen - Diver Down
Van Halen - Van Halen
Van Halen - Women And Children First
Vanden Plas - Chronicles Of The Immortals: Netherworld (Path Two)
Various Artists - Alive At The Deep Blues Fest
Victim - By The Neck
Virgin Steele - The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell - Part Two
Vision Of Disorder - The Cursed Remain Cursed
Visions Of Atlantis - Old Routes/New Waters (EP)
Vodun - Eat Up The Sun (EP) (Digital)
Vodun - Possession
Volbeat - Seal The Deal & Let's Boogie (2CD w/Bonus Tracks)
Voyager - I Am The ReVolution
W.A.S.P. - Dominator
Wall Of Silence - Shock To The System
Wargasm - Satan Stole My Lunch Money
Wasted Creation - Hole In My Ceiling (EP)
Waterclime - Imaginative
While Heaven Wept - Suspended At Aphelion
White Zombie - It Came From N.Y.C. (3CD Box Set)
Whitford/St. Holmes - Reunion (2CD)
Wicked Maraya - Lifetime In Hell
Widespread Panic - Street Dogs
Wild Dogs - Man's Best Friend (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Wild Dogs - Reign Of Terror (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Wild Dogs - Wild Dogs (Reissue w/Bonus Tracks)
Will - Pearl Of Great Price
Wisdom - Full Spectrum
Witchbreed - Heretic Rapture
Witchcraft - Nucleus (w/Bonus Track)
With Arms To The Sun - A Far Away Wonder
Witherscape - The Northern Sanctuary
Wolfmother - Victorious (w/Bonus Tracks)
Wonderworld - II
Wonderworld - Wonderworld
Worshipper - Shadow Hymns
Wretch - Wretch
Wytch Hazel - Prelude
Yesterday's Saints - Generation Of Vipers
Young Heart Attack - Misty Rowe (CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
Young Heart Attack - Mouthful Of Love (EP)
Young Heart Attack - Over And Over (EP)
Young Heart Attack - Starlite (CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
Young Heart Attack - Tommy Shots (CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)
Yuri Fulone - In The Steel You Can Trust
Zwan - Mary Star Of The Sea
ZZ Top - Rough Boy (CD Single w/Non-LP Tracks)

"Happy people have no stories" —Therapy?

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Fat Freddy
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Lord of all PBR's

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your 2016 Hauls   Sat Dec 31, 2016 3:29 pm

As usual, Eyesore wins. Haha Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your 2016 Hauls   Sat Dec 31, 2016 3:30 pm

Mine genuinely will be smaller this year. I'll get to making a list I suppose at some point.
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Metal is my Life
Metal is my Life

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your 2016 Hauls   Sat Dec 31, 2016 3:30 pm

That is one hell of a haul from Eyesore again!
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King Of Kaiju

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your 2016 Hauls   Sat Dec 31, 2016 5:45 pm

Wow.  These lists are impressive.

A few years back I would have had a similar list but the last couple years I don't think I've bought more than a handful of albums combined, and very few CDs, mostly downloads.  I'll need to go back through the music acquisition thread to see for sure but I bet I bought less than 10 albums this year.

EDIT: OK I went back through the list and I bought exactly 10 this year:

Devil City Angels - S/t
Diamond Dogs/Jeff Dahl - Translatlantic
Jethro Tull - Minstrel In The Gallery, 40th anniversary Le Grande edition
Little Angels - Too Posh To Mosh, Too Good To Last
Massive - Full Throttle
American Authors - Oh What A Life
American Authors - What We Live For
The Poor - Rounds 1 and 2
Counting Crows - Somewhere Under Wonderland
The Amorettes - White Hot Heat

That's it.  I've spent most of the year making compilations from the stuff I already have.

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- Ginger Wildheart
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mini boss
mini boss

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your 2016 Hauls   Sat Dec 31, 2016 9:37 pm


AC/DC- Bon Scott Forever ( bootleg)
Alcatrazz- The Very Best of Alcatrazz
Angel- Live Without Net (replacing vinyl copy)
The Angels- Face to Face
Anthrax- Live: The Island Years
Arch Enemy-Rise of Tyrant
Audioslave- Out of Exile
Avail- Over the James
Bad Company- Desolation Angels ( replacing vinyl copy)
Bathory- Under the Sign of the Black Mark
The Beatles- Please Please Me
The Beatles-Rubber Soul (replacing vinyl copy)
The Beatles- The Magical Mystery Tour (replacing vinyl copy)
The Beatles- Hey Jude
Be Bop Deluxe- Classic Albums Mini Sleeve Box Set ( 5 of their discs)
Jeff Beck Group-Rough and Ready
Jeff Beck Group-s/t
Jeff Beck- Beck Bogart and Appice
Jeff Beck- Frankie's House (soundtrack)
Jeff Beck- Emotion and Communication
Black Crowes- Crowelogy
Blue Cheer- New! Improved! ( replacing vinyl copy)
Blue Oyster Cult- Cult Classic
Bon Jovi- Greatest Hits: The Ultimate Collection (deluxe edition)
David Bowie- Young Americans ( replacing vinyl copy)
David Bowie-Station to Station
Jeff Buckley- Playlist: The Very Best of Jeff Buckley
Bulletboys- Freakshow
Michael Bruce- Halo of Ice
Candlebox- Playlist: The Very Best of Candlebox
Candlemass- Introducing Candlemass
Carcass- Necroticism : Descanting the Insalubrious
Johnny Cash/Willie Nelson- VH1 Storytellers
Nick Cave- Murder Ballads
The Charlatans UK- Between 10th and 11th
Cheap Trick- Heaven Tonight
Cheap Trick- The Essential Cheap Trick
Clutch- Earth Rocker ( Deluxe Edition)
Leonard Cohen- Songs of Love and Hate
Phil Collins-No Jacket Required
Elvis Costello- Get Happy! ( replacing vinyl copy)
Elvis Costello- Mighty Like a Rose
Cowboy Junkies- The Trinity Sessions (replacing vinyl copy)
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young- Deja-Vu ( replacing vinyl copy)
Dead Can Dance-A Passage in Time
Death- Individual Thought Patterns
Dio- Live at Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987
Dissection- Storm of the Light's Bane
Bob Dylan-John Wesley Harding
Bob Dylan- Self Portrait
Bob Dylan-Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan ( tribute album)
Exodus- Another Lesson in Violence
The Faces- Long Player ( replacing vinyl copy)
Fanny- Fanny Hill ( replacing vinyl copy)
Faster P*ssycat-s/t
Ella Fitzgerald/ Louis Armstrong- Ella and Louis
Fleetwood Mac- s/t ( 1967)
Genesis- A Trick of the Tail ( replacing vinyl copy)
Gillan- Magic (replacing cassette copy)
Gillan- The Best of Gillan
Gillan/Glover- Accidentally on Purpose
David Gilmour-On an Island
Golden Earring- Moon Tan (replacing vinyl copy)
Golden Earring- To the Hilt
Grand Funk Railroad- We're An American Band
Grand Funk Railroad-Greatest Hits
Grave Digger- Return of the Reaper
Green Day-1039/Smoothed Out Happy Hours
Sammy Hagar- VOA (replacing cassette copy)
Halestorm-The Strange Case of Halestorm
Hanoi Rocks- Street Poetry
Helloween- Master of Rings
Heart-Passion Works
Jimi Hendrix- Stages ( 4 CD Box Set)
Jimi Hendrix- You Can't Use My Name
Joe Jackson- Look Sharp
In Flames- Clayman
Jefferson Airplane- Takes Off
Jefferson Airplane-After Bathing at Baxter's
Jefferson Airplane- Crown of Creation
Jefferson Airplane-s/t
Jefferson Starship-Spitfire
Jefferson Starship-Dragon Fly
Jesus Jones- Doubt
Elton John- Don't Shoot Me I am only the Piano Player
Eric Johnson- Ah Via Musicom
Janis Joplin- Live at Winterland '68
Janis Joplin- The Essential Janis Joplin
Joy Division- The Best of Joy Division
Keel- Lay Down the Law
Keel- The Right to Rock ( replacing vinyl copy)
Carole King- Tapestry (replacing vinyl copy)
King Kobra- II
KISS- The Millennium Collection: The Best of KISS
Kreator- Pleasure to Kill
L.A. Guns- Cocked and Loaded
Cyndi Lauper- She's so Unusual (replacing beat up cassette copy)
John Lennon- Mind Games (replacing vinyl copy)
John Lennon- Rock n Roll (replacing vinyl copy)
John Lennon/Yoko Ono- Milk and Honey
Lynch Mob-s/t
Shelby Lynn- Just a Little Lovin'
Lynyrd Skynyrd- Nuthin' Fancy
Lynyrd Skynyrd- Gimme Back My Bullets
Mad Season- Above
Yngwie Malmsteen- The Seventh Sign
Yngwie Malmsteen-Eclipse
Yngwie Malmsteen- Attack!!
Paul McCartney- Flowers in the Dirt
Paul McCartney- Drivin' Rain
MC5- High Time
Meat Loaf- Dead Ringer
Meat Loaf- Braver Than We Are
Megadeth- Greatest Hits; Back to the Start
Megadeth- Dystopia
Metallica- Liberte Egalite Fraternite
Liza Minelli- Live from Radio City Music Hall
Monk & Mulligan- Mulligan Meets Monk
Montrose- Paper Money
Keith Moon- Two Sides of the Moon
Gary Moore- After the War
Gary Moore- Corridors of Power
Motorhead- March or Die
Nektar- Remember the Future ( replacing vinyl copy)
Ted Nugent- Intensities in Ten Cities (replacing vinyl copy)
The Old Grey Whistle Comp
Opeth- Still Life
Opeth- The Roundhouse Tapes
Overkill- I Hear Black
Overkill- The Electric Age
Pearl Jam-s/t
Pearl Jam- Rearview Mirror: Greatest Hits
Pink Floyd- Atom Heart Mother
Robert Plant- The Principle of Moments ( replacing vinyl copy)
Polyphia- Muse
Queensrcyhe-Greatest Hits
Quiet Riot- QR III
Radiohead- Pablo Honey
Radiohead- The Bends
Radiohead- The King of Limbs
The Ramones- End of the Century
Rancid-... and Out Come the Wolves
Ratt- Invasion of Your Privacy (replacing cassette copy)
Red Hot Chili Peppers- Greatest Hits
Renaissance-A Song For All Seasons (replacing vinyl copy)
David Lee Roth- Sonrisa Salvaje ( replacing vinyl copy)
The Runaways- Live in Japan
The Runaways- ...and now the Runaways
Saxon- Crusader (replacing vinyl copy)
Saxon- Power and Glory (replacing vinyl copy)
The Selector- Too Much Pressure
Billy Sheenan- The Talas Years
Frank Sinatra- September of my Years
Frank Sinatra-In the Wee Small Hours
Slade- Alive!
Slade- Old Borrowed and Blue
Slade- Return to Base
Sleater-Kinney- Call the Doctor
Smashing Pumpkins- Machina/Machines of Loving Grace
Elliot Smith- s/t
Elliot Smith-From a Basement on a Hill
The Smithereens- Blown to Smithereens: the Best of the Smithereens
Soul Coughing- Irresistible Bliss
Rick Springfield-Working Class Dog
Bruce Springsteen- Born to Run
Bruce Springsteen-Magic
Bruce Springsteen-Live in NYC
Bruce Springsteen- Satan's Jewel Crown ( bootleg boxset)
Starship- Knee Deep in the Hoopla
Jim Steinman- Bad for Good
Rod Stewart- Tonight I'm Yours
Stratovarius- Visions
Suicidal Tendencies- Prime Cuts
Tears for Fears- The Seeds of Love
Testament- Low
They Might Be Giants- Flood
Tipton, Entwhistle, and Powell- Edge of the World
Traffic- The Low Sparks of High Heeled Boys (replacing vinyl copy)
Trouble- Psalm 9 (replacing cassette copy)
Trouble-s/t (replacing cassette copy)
TV on The Radio- The Return of Cookie Mountain
UDO- Animal House (replacing vinyl copy)
U2- All That You Can't Leave Behind
Vanilla Fudge-s/t
Suzanna Vega- Retrospective
Venom- At War With Satan
Venom- Metal Black
Tom Waits- Orphans: Brawlers, Bawiers and Bastards
Muddy Waters- Electric Mud
West, Bruce, and Laing- Whatever Turns you On (replacing vinyl copy)
Whitesnake- Trouble (replacing vinyl copy)
Whitesnake- Love Hunter
Whitesnake- Come and Get It
Whitesnake-Ready an Willin'
Whitesnake- Live in the Heart of the City
White Stripes- White Blood Cells
Wilco- A.M.
Wilco- Summer Teeth
Steve Winwood- Back in the High Life
Wings- At the Speed of Light
Link Wray- Rumble; The Best of Link Wray
Y & T- Mean Streak
The Yardbirds- Five Live Yardbirds
The Yardbirds- Extended Versions
Yes- The Yes Album
Yes- Fragile
Tom Yorke- The Eraser
Neil Young- Broken Arrow
Frank Zappa- We're Only in it for the Money
Frank Zappa- Burnt Weeny Sandwiches
Rob Zombie- The Sinister Urge

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mini boss
mini boss

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your 2016 Hauls   Sat Dec 31, 2016 9:53 pm

Music related DVD's:

Aerosmith- New York 07-05-04 ( pro shot bootleg)
Aerosmith- Monsters of Rock 2013 (proshot-bootleg)
Jeff Beck- International Tokyo 02-06-91 (bootleg)
Black Crowes- War Paint Live
Black Sabbath/Blue Oyster Cult- Black and Blue (bootleg version of the theatrical release)
Black Sabbath- In Moscow 11/19/89 ( proshot bootleg)
Black Sabbath- Rockplast 2009 ( proshot bootleg)
David Bowie- Power to Charm (proshot bootleg
Dead Kennedys- The Early Years
Dokken- Live from Philadelphia '87 (proshot bootleg)
Foreigner- Live from Tokyo (proshot bootleg)
Get Thrashed (documentary)
Global Metal (documentary)
Heavy Metal in Baghdad ( documentary)
Iron Maiden- Live in Brazil '96 (pro shot bootleg)
Iron Maiden- Live at Donington
KISS- Rock AM Ring 1997 (proshot bootleg)
Led Zeppelin- Earl's Court '75- First Show (proshot Bootleg)
Moscow Peace Festival (bootleg proshot)
Old Grey Whistle Volume 2
Ozzy Osbourne- Live and Loud
Ozzy Osbourne-30 Years After the Blizzard (bootleg)
Jimmy Page- Arizona 1988 (proshot bootleg)
Queen- Recorded Live at Summit Houston (proshot bootleg)
Queensryche- Live in Tokyo (bootleg version of VHS version)
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum Anniversary concerts
25th Anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Red Hot Chili Peppers- Bonnaroo ( proshot bootleg)
Lou Reed- Berlin Live
Scorpions- World Wide Live ( bootleg version of the VHS version)
Patti Smith- Rockplast (proshot bootleg)
US Festival: Heavy Metal Day (bootleg)
W.A.S.P.- First Blood....Last Vision ( bootleg DVD)

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Metal is Forever

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your 2016 Hauls   Sat Dec 31, 2016 10:44 pm

manny wrote:

Bathory- Under the Sign of the Black Mark
Ella Fitzgerald/ Louis Armstrong- Ella and Louis
In Flames- Clayman
Elton John- Don't Shoot Me I am only the Piano Player
Carole King- Tapestry (replacing vinyl copy)
Kreator- Pleasure to Kill
Cyndi Lauper- She's so Unusual (replacing beat up cassette copy)
Megadeth- Greatest Hits; Back to the Start
Liza Minelli- Live from Radio City Music Hall
Radiohead- The King of Limbs
The Selector- Too Much Pressure
Frank Sinatra-In the Wee Small Hours
Slade- Alive!
Smashing Pumpkins- Machina/Machines of Loving Grace
Elliot Smith- s/t
Vanilla Fudge-s/t
Suzanna Vega- Retrospective
Venom- At War With Satan
Venom- Metal Black
Tom Waits- Orphans: Brawlers, Bawiers and Bastards
Neil Young- Broken Arrow
Frank Zappa- We're Only in it for the Money

Don't you get tired of listening to one style of music all of the time? Razz
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King Of Kaiju

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your 2016 Hauls   Sat Dec 31, 2016 10:55 pm

No kidding!  Manny is ALWAYS all over the place.  Good for him; variety is the spice of life.

"From what I’m gleaning, the problem in America isn’t guns, it’s stupid people."
- Ginger Wildheart
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Metal is in my blood
Metal is in my blood

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your 2016 Hauls   Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:24 am

I only bought 1 cd in all of 2016

David Bowie - Blackstar

I got for free cuz i won a contest

The World Will Burn

As a gift I got

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon (Vinyl)
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Bukkake Tsunami

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your 2016 Hauls   Thu Jan 05, 2017 1:46 pm

Here's what I added to my collection in 2016...

Abattoir - Vicious Attack
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Keep It Greasy!
Allan, Davie & The Arrows - Music from 'The Wild Angels' and Other Themes
Amazing Journey - One Night In New York City: Tribute to The Who
Anthrax - For All Kings
Balaam and the Angel - Live Free or Die
Balaam and the Angel - Days of Madness
Banshee Race Against Time / Cry in the Night
Beach Boys - 20 Good Vibrations - The Greatest Hits
Beck, Jeff - Beck-Ola
Blacklist Union - After the Mourning
Blind Fury - Out of Reach
Brimstone Coven - Brimstone Coven
Brimstone Coven - Black Magic
Broken Teeth - Viva La Rock, Fantastico!
Bronx Casket Co. - Antihero
Brubeck, Dave Quartet - Time Further Out
Burning Brides - Fall of the Plastic Empire
Burning Tree - Burning Tree
Candlemass - Death Thy Lover
Carlos, Bun E. - Greetings from Bunezuela!
Cauldron - In Ruin
Charlotte - Medusa Groove
Cheap Trick - Bang, Zoom, Crazy…Hello
Clutch - Pure Rock Fury
Cornell, Chris - Euphoria Morning
Crashdïet - Rest in Sleaze
Crashdïet - Generation Wild
Cyclone Tracy - One Eyed
Cygnus & the Sea Monsters - One Night in Chicago: Tribute to Rush
Dagger - The Dagger
Davis, Miles - In A Silent Way
Death Angel - The Evil Divide
Deep Purple - Deep Purple In Rock
Dirty Deeds - Danger of Infection
Dirty Deeds - Real World
Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory
Electric Frankenstein - We Will Bury You
Elf - Ronnie James Dio The Elf Albums
Enertia - Victim of Thought
Fates Warning - Night on Bröcken
Flamin' Groovies - Groovies Greatest Grooves
Flesh Engine - Purging Existence
Flight - Flight
Flotsam and Jetsam - Flotsam and Jetsam
Four Sticks - Electric Celebration
Freedom Hawk - Into Your Mind
Frehley, Ace - Origins, Vol. 1
Ghost - Popestar
Gilbert, Paul - I Can Destroy
Girlschool - Legacy
Grave Robber - Be Afraid (collector's ed. w/ 2 bonus tracks)
Griffin, Victor - Victor Griffin's In-Graved
Grinder Blues - Grinder Blues
Gypsyhawk - Patience & Preserverance
Gypsyhawk - Revelry & Resilience
Hammer of the Gods - Two Nights In North America
Hard Knox - Psyco's R Us
Hardcore Superstar - Beg For It
Havok - Unnatural Selection
Hawkwind - EpochEclipse: The Ultimate Best of Hawkwind
Hellfueled - Memories in Black
Hellfueled - Emissions of Sin
Helloween - Treasure Chest
Heretic - From the Vault…Tortured and Broken
Hessian - Bachelor of the Black Arts
High Spirits - Motivator
Hole - Celebrity Skin
Honeymoon Disease - The Transcendence
Icarus Witch - Capture the Magic
Icarus Witch - Songs For The Lost
Icarus Witch - Draw Down The Moon
Icarus Witch - Rise
Indestructible Noise Command - Razorback
Infectious Grooves - The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move...
Iron Driver - Prisoner of Time
Iron Maiden - Best of the B'Sides
Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking
Jelly Jam - Profit
Joel, Billy - Glass Houses
Joel, Billy - The Complete Hits Collection: 1973-1997 (4 cd box)
Jones, Jim - The Jim Jones Revue
Journey - Next
Kings of the Sun - Full Frontal Attack
Kix - $how Bu$ine$$
Kravitz, Lenny - Circus
Kyng - Burn the Serum
Kyng - Breathe in the Water
Led Zeppelin - The Complete BBC Sessions
Lenz, Kim & The Jaguars - Kim Lenz and Her Jaguars
Lenz, Kim & The Jaguars - The One and Only
Lenz, Kim & The Jaguars - Up to My Old Tricks Again
Lenz, Kim & The Jaguars - It's All True!
Mad Margritt - Animal
Mad Margritt - Show No Mercy
Malmsteen, Yngwie - Rising Force
Malmsteen, Yngwie - Fire & Ice
Malmsteen, Yngwie - Facing the Animal
Mammoth Mammoth - Vol. IV: Hammered Again
Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction LIVE
Megadeth - Dystopia  (Best Buy edition w/2 bonus tracks)
Mercyful Fate - In The Shadows
Mercyful Fate - Time
Mercyful Fate - 9
Metal Church - XI
Metallica - Hardwired…To Self-Destruct (Deluxe 3-cd edition)
Midnight Priest - Midnight Steel
Miss Daisy - Pizza Connection (re-issue w/bonus tracks)
Montgomery, Wes - Full House
Monument - Renegades
Monument - Hair of the Dog
Mother Superior - Grande
Muse - The Resistance
Muse - The 2nd Law
Muse - Drones
NRBQ - Message For The Mess Age
Orchid - Heretic ep
Outpatience, The - Anxious Disease
Pink Cream 69 - Change
Pink Floyd - A Saucerful of Secrets
Presto Ballet - Peace Among the Ruins
Prisoner - See the Scars
Racer X - Extreme Volume II Live
Ransom - Ransom: 20th Anniversary Edition
Red Razor - Beer Revolution
Redemption - Redemption
Redemption - The Fullness of Time
Redemption - The Origins of Ruin
Redemption - Snowfall on Judgment Day
Redemption - This Mortal Coil (deluxe 2-cd)
Redemption - Live From the Pit (cd / dvd)
Redemption - The Art of Loss
Rival Sons - Hollow Bones
Rolling Stones - Blue & Lonesome
Roth, Uli Jon - Scorpions Revisited
Rychus Syn - Rebirth
Rychus Syn - Deadly Syns
'77 - High Decibels
'77 - Maximum Rock N' Roll
'77 - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us
Sabbra Cadabra - Live
Saigon Kick - Saigon Kick
Saigon Kick - The Lizard
Saigon Kick - Water
Satan - Life Sentence
Satan - Atom By Atom
Saxon - Baptism of Fire: The Collection 1991-2009
She & Him - Christmas party
Shiraz Lane - For Crying Out Loud
Sinatra, Frank - Everything Happens to Me
Smith, Jimmy - The Sermon!
Smith, Jimmy - Cool Blues
Smith & Montgomery - Jimmy & Wes: The Dynamic Duo
Spellcaster - Night Hides the World
Spiritual Beggars - Sunrise to Sundown (Deluxe 2-cd edition)
Spread Eagle - Open to the Public
Steelheart - Steelheart
Stradlin, Izzy - River
Striker - Stand in the Fire
Suede Brothers - I'll New You
Suicidal Tendencies - 13
Suicidal Tendencies - World Gone Mad
Supagroup - Supagroup
Supagroup - Fire for Hire
Supersuckers - La Mano Cornuda
Supersuckers - The Sacrilicious Sounds of the Supersuckers
Supersuckers - Devil's Food: A Collection of Rare Treats & Evil Sweets
Sven Gali - Sven Gali
Tesla - Gold
Three Suns - A Ding Dong Dandy Christmas
Tiger Army - Tiger Army
Torche - Meanderthal
The Treatment - Generation Me
Two-Bit Thief - Another Sad Story…In the Big City
Two-Bit Thief - Gangster Rebel Bop
U.D.O. - Best of U.D.O.
Vanderhoof - Vanderhoof (w/bonus track)
Van Halen - Live: Right Here, Right Now
Various - Strings of Fire:The Acoustic Tribute to GnR
Various - CTI Masters of the Guitar
Various - Hollywood Rocks! (4 cd box set)
Voivod - Infini
Volbeat - Seal the Deal & Let's Boogie (Best Buy 2cd)
Warlock - Burning the Witches
Warlock - Hellbound
Weezer - Make Believe
Whitford / St. Holmes - Whitford / St. Holmes
Whitford / St. Holmes - Reunion
Wino & Conny Ochs - Heavy Kingdom
Witchcraft - Nucleus
Wolfmother - Victorious (Best Buy ed. w/2 bonus tracks)
Wylde, Zakk - Book Of Shadows II
Xanadu - The Last Sunrise
Y&T - The Best of '81 to '85
Yellow Matter Custard - One More Night in New York City
Zodiac - Grain of Soul

196 in total (down from 217 in 2015), 39 new releases (tied with 2015). In fact, the 196 is the least amount of cds I've added since I started keeping track in 2011.

I used to be with it, but then they changed what "it" was. Now what I'm with isn't it, and what's it seems weird and scary to me, and it'll happen to you, too.
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Metal is my Life
Metal is my Life

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your 2016 Hauls   Thu Jan 05, 2017 11:41 pm

Nice haul. Pretty sure this year was my slowest year as well.

"Happy people have no stories" —Therapy?

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your 2016 Hauls   

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Post Your 2016 Hauls
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