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 Rate AC DC 1 through 4

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Metal student
Metal student

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PostSubject: Re: Rate AC DC 1 through 4   Mon Jun 26, 2017 7:39 pm

huge AC/DC fan right here. 

if i had to rank this it would be in this order.

01. Rock or Bust
surprisingly for modern AC/DC this album i come back to and i enjoy even more. a lot of Zeppelin like riffs on this one than i've heard on any of their past albums. sure you had "Brain Shake" off Flick of the Switch but this album has a bit more. especially on "Rock the House" and "Emission Control". but even the song "Miss Adventure" sounds a bit uncharacteristic for AC/DC. you know what. i take that back. it sounds like it would not have been out of place on For Those About To Rock. anyways. definitely one of my favorites for Modern-era AC/DC. just killer Hard Rock.

02. Ballbreaker.
this is nothing but a nostalgia trip album for me. released on the year i was born. so this one comes close to home. probably the most raunchiest album since Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. but also the last Heavy album from AC/DC. favorite song would be the crushing title track. almost has a Accept thing going on (F*ck. i'd wish Udo and Brian would do a collaboration together. LOL!).

03. Stiff Upper Lip
i don't get why this album gets shit on. i don't think AC/DC ever released a terrible album. sure some albums are better than others. but there has never been a terrible album from AC/DC. this sure feels laid back. but still has some tight, prime sounding songs here. i can't complain.

04. Black Ice
now when this album was released i liked it. played it tons of times. but over the years i've come to not grab it very often and when i do play it. i do end up liking it. it's a bit more in variety but i think it's not as grabbing as the other albums. i think Rock or Bust does what it supposed to do instead of overstaying it's welcome like on Black Ice. if they had cut down on 5 or 4 tracks. it would had been better and tighter. but 15 songs? and most being not all that exciting?.....not a terrible album by any means. just not a immediate favorite of mine.
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Heart of Metal
Heart of Metal

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PostSubject: Re: Rate AC DC 1 through 4   Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:22 pm

Can't remember the last time I listened to an AC/DC album... scratch
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Metal is in my blood
Metal is in my blood

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PostSubject: Re: Rate AC DC 1 through 4   Sun Jul 02, 2017 12:30 pm

So, maybe there is an addendum that needs to take place, regarding how I felt about a certain album. I listened to "Ballbreaker" a few days ago and my comment about a bunch of mediocre songs, was not fair. I saw AC/DC for the first time ever on this tour and sadly, it felt like I had already seen them, because everything I heard they were doing ten plus years prior, they were still doing those same things.

1. Angus gets on Brian's shoulders
2. Angus goes out into crowd during the song "The Jack" or a "Whole Lotta Rosie" (maybe both) and those songs seem like they never end. It was like, let's do what Zeppelin did with "Dazed & Confused" and play them for a half an hour and I'm like, "Let's not"!
3. Cliff Williams and Malcolm Young get the nails pounded through their feet by the roadie as soon as they enter the stage or I think someone just sits in their perch with a sniper rifle and warns them not to move.
4. Funny enough, the band did play five new songs off that record, which depending on the tour, that could be considered a lot.
5. The obligatory AC/DC set list. I know every band has this issue, but AC/DC were the kings of not knowing how to mix that set list up. Say what you want about the Axl Rose shows, but at least he got the band to pull out some surprise numbers: Rock and Roll Damnation, Riff Raff, Given the Dog A Bone, Have A Drink On Me, Problem Child, Touch Too Much, Live Wire, etc...

I like AC/DC, but even though I really liked the Brian Johnson years, I want to go to a show where it "feels" fresh. This has been my one problem with AC/DC over the years. They have a lot of great songs, the problem was, I would have never heard 90% of them, because God forbid they throw in something from Powerage, Flick of the Switch, Fly On the Wall and the list goes on.

Rant over... Ballbreaker definitely has some good tunes on it, "Burnin' Alive" is easily my favorite!
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PostSubject: Re: Rate AC DC 1 through 4   

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Rate AC DC 1 through 4
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