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 Machine Head - Catharsis

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Metal is my Life

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PostSubject: Re: Machine Head - Catharsis   Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:27 pm

Temple of Blood wrote:
I've always thought post-BME that Bizarro was a better band doing basically the same style:


esp. "Abduction"

Features ex-Testament/Forbidden guitarist Glen Alvelais on vocals and guitars.  Drummer is awesome too but I don't know who he is.

According to Metal Archives, the drummer's name is Kevin Jackson.
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PostSubject: Re: Machine Head - Catharsis   Wed Feb 07, 2018 5:16 pm

Required Fields wrote:
Eyesore wrote:
Required Fields wrote:
Eyesore wrote:
Required Fields wrote:
I've heard they rap on the new album a lot from other people. Is this true?

Besides, even on The Burning Red and Supercharger, it was only on a couple of songs on each album (and one of the songs on the latter was only a bonus track). I may not like those albums, but the vast majority of the songs have no rapping at all.

Flynn has always been accused of rapping, even back on Burn My Eyes. Either way, he did say there is some rapping on this album. Fine by me if the songs are good. I love rap-metal.

I never heard people call his vocals rapping on Burn My Eyes.

I was only nine when it was released, and didn't hear the whole album until my teens (although I heard Davidian already).

But there are no songs with rapping.

Some people may crucify me for this, but this song here is way closer to having rapping on it than any song from that album combined.

I'm not bashing the song at all, it's one of the most awesome metal songs of the 1990s. But anyone who accuses any song from BME of having rapped vocals, then they automatically have to call this song's vocals rapping, too.

Yeah, that isn't rapping at all.

As for Burn My Eyes, many people have claimed that he raps on songs like "Old," "A Thousand Lies," and "Block." Because apparently a quasi-staccato vocal approach equates to rapping when you want to insult a band to justify your superior tastes in music. Haha.

I wouldn't call ".44 Caliber Brain Surgery" rapping, either, but it's closer to rap than most, if not all, songs on Burn My Eyes. (I was referring to the faster vocal sections of the song, mainly.)

Then again, I remember a couple of magazines had criticisms of KoRn saying, "They're not metal, they're rap." (I would agree they're not metal (yes, I know you disagree, Eyesore, but that's for a different thread), but they're not (and never were) even rap-rock! OK, they have maybe an EP worth of rap-rock songs in their catalog, but they have no predominant rap-rock albums. The first KoRn album, for instance, has not one bit of rapping; the aforementioned Demolition Hammer song comes closer to rap than any song from the first KoRn album. (The criticisms of KoRn that I mentioned were around the Follow the Leader/Issues period, when KoRn was at their peak in popularity, for those wondering.) I will say that I know that KoRn often performed alongside bands who were predominantly rap-rock bands, and that a lot of the rap-rock coming out around the same time KoRn was at their most popular did musically sound like KoRn (similar riffing style, similar guitar tone, etc.) but with rapped vocals, but that's also separate from calling KoRn rap-rock, let alone rap.

KoRn never were a rap rock band. What they did do is play hip hop influenced beats and pluck harmonic notes that imitate hip hop sound FX. Not to mention the occasional Jonathan Davis "beat box" parts... but overall, I think they are dance oriented heavy rock with a strong hip hop influence.
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Machine Head - Catharsis
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